Letters to the Editor: New LASI Program Helps Freshmen Transition

To the editor,

On this issue of the Midwood Argus, one article that has really caught my attention was “New LASI Program Helps Freshmen Transition” by Kerry Chan ’15 and Amy Feng ’15. I love how it explains thoroughly what the program consists of and what its main purpose is. Also, the picture that is included really shows the authenticity of the program and what it looks like when it is in session.

After reading this article, I really wished that I had heard about this program as a freshman. Adjusting to high school was definitely a huge struggle for me. There were so many people around me that I didn’t know and I felt so infinitesimal and nonexistent. Also, the workload was definitely something new to me since my junior high school was very laidback, unlike Midwood High School. It definitely stressed and strained me. When I read the part about how they reformed this program to teach students how to react to certain situations, I was really happy because I didn’t want the new freshmen to feel the stress that I felt when I confronted a new conflict. In my opinion, I really think that this program will be successful in the suture and I’m very please about its goal.

Sincerely, Farrah Chow ’17

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