Letters to the Editor: Minimum Wage

To the editor,

It seems as though the fire is still burning in the ongoing debate on whether or not the minimum wage should be elevated even more. There are people who believe raising the minimum wage would cause drastic economic problems while others believe the opposite. I, along with Keturah Raymond, author of the article, “Minimum Wage Should Match Living Wage”, have the view that the minimum wage should be raised to a price that is able to feed and care for families. Men and women with stacks of bills to pay and mouths to feed do not have the amount of money needed to pay for everything.

Increasing it would not “lead up to 500,000 jobs lost and an increase in consumer prices”. Increasing the minimum wage will benefit the country. When people have more money, they will spend more. Thus the economy is benefitted. The people who are against the elevation of the minimum wage are ignorant to the fact that they will be hurting the economy. People need money. Unfortunately, they do not have the amount they need to raise their families. Raising the minimum wage to a living wage would not only benefit people, but also the economy.

From, Rachel Chen ‘17

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