Letters to the Editor: Midwood's Nour

To the editor,

It was very heartwarming to see an article about our dear Nour in the Argus newspaper. Although Midwood has over four thousand students, she definitely impacted everyone whether they knew her or not. The school really came together the Monday we returned to school and everyone was very supportive to each other. A beautiful memorial was created on her behalf and it was appreciated that Mr. McDonnell allowed us to keep it up for the month of October. Nour was one of a kind. She had all the characteristics of a great friend and everyone misses her dearly. She will always be apart of our hearts and never be forgotten. Even if she is not here physically, she will forever be apart of the Hornets Hive here at Midwood.

Some students dealt with the loss harder than others. The support given by the teachers was amazing. Everyone was so kind and understanding of how hard the situation was. They made it very clear that if anyone was ever feeling down and needed to talk to an adult that they were here for us. They also made it clear that if we were having trouble in our classes to let them know so they could help us figure something out. The girls soccer team coach Ms. Lane has been an incredible help. Since she is dealing with the loss as much as we are, she knew exactly how it felt and knew just what to say to help us out. She has been a great support and she couldn’t be more proud of how well the team pulled through and got closer as a family. The last few games of the season were played for Nour and she helped lead us into a great victorious end of the season.

Aside from her her support, Ms. Ramirez was our go – to person for support as well. She didn’t know any of us personally in the beginning but she did everything she could to make us smile and celebrate her life instead of crying over her death. She had many great ideas to help us celebrate her life. We have decided to create a vision board in loving memory of Nour to place in front of the school. In addition we helped make bracelets to sell and raise money for Nour’s family. All these things were not only fun and exciting but it also helped us to remember the best memories with our beloved friend who will always be in our hearts. In conclusion, the support given to the students of Midwood was very comforting and assuring that everyone was there for us. Also, I know that there will always be someone that we can see to talk if we need to.

Sincerely yours, Salma Ali ’17

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