Letters to the Editor: Hornets Welcome New English AP

To the editor,

I agree with Ms. Suzane Thomas and what she stated in “Hornets Welcome New English AP”. According to her, the Common Core standards are very realistic and Midwood students should be more pushed towards them. Preparation for college and our future lives is very important. The Common Core standards, although very controversial will be beneficial for us in the long run. The example of her children is not the only example I have encountered. The Regents and SAT examinations will dictate the remainder of our lives, and in my opinion, the more harsh and paced the preparation, the higher the outcome.

I also agree that more students should be aware and interested in the literary arts. I, considering myself a reader and writer and overall literary arts follower, would like to see interest in literature spread through the school. I would also like to add that I wish more possible classes (electives, selectives, APs) to be available for the English language and literary arts. For these classes, I would like not only advanced literature pieces, instead of simplified Shakespeare, and also ancient readings that have been passed down for centuries that we will need in our life in college. These classes will improve the vocabularies and mindsets of many students, and will help them reach their goals in life. For example, I know I will definitely need these classes and have full intention to be enrolled in them. I plan to go to law school, and the literature I will study there will be among the hardest I will ever encounter. High school will, hopefully, be the preparation years for me.

Sincerely, David Shumunov ’17

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