Letters to the Editor: Freshmen Seminar

To the editor,

After reading your article, I would like to say I agree with Freshman Seminar helping the freshmen with being more comfortable with the school. I know that when I came into Midwood I had so many questions and issues going on, and it would have been useful to have this class.

The first day of school, I walked in so nervous and excited. The school is huge and I was so shocked. My sister used to always tell me about it while I was in middle school since she went to Midwood as well. The questions I asked her came from a student view and it would have been more helpful to talk to a teacher about a few other questions of my own. Having this class would help any freshman. As one student mentioned, “It’s basically a survival guide”, which I agree with.

A few friends of mine mentioned how it wasn’t just there for constant questions about the school but also valuable lessons. As mentioned in the article, my friends told me about their making new friends in class and being able to talk to them about the school.

Students also get to do an activity of going through each floor and making a layout to get to class faster and easier. This would help any freshman a lot. My first few weeks of freshman year had me going into the wrong class or getting to class late from not being able to find the class. Overall, I believe Freshman Seminar classes will help ease transition for the 8th grade middle school students to becoming Midwood Freshman.

Sincerely, Taja Jafarli ‘17

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