Letters to the Editor: Burmese Summer of Teaching Leads to Self Discovery

To the editor,

The article “Burmese Summer of Teaching Leads to Self Discovery” by Helen Wong is a very inspirational article. In this article, Helen talks about her summer visit to Burma and what she was able to do for younger orphans. On her way to Mandalay, her destination, she saw how the roads were very empty due to the curfew the government has in that country. She later talked about teaching younger kids English which she believed would be a struggle, later on to realize that it was an advantage. She tried to teach her students to talk to each other in English, which wasn’t very effective. So she read books aloud and corrected their pronunciation instead. She was soon able to involve them in learning English through pictures and fun games like charades and Pictionary. It was different from here in America because there are no Smart Boards to teach kids but only black boards nailed to the wall. Helen was very appreciative of what she got to do and how she impacted these young orphans and was also very thankful of the environment she lives in, which encourages her to do better.

I find this article encouraging. It gives out a message that no matter what age you are, you can do something impactful. She reminded me of the young girls named Malala, who fought for the right of girls getting an education. I think that this vacation can be a life changing experience for anyone. It is very honorable to hear that a Midwood student went out to do something so amazing. Lastly, the way she was able to work with kids not knowing how to fully speak their language was a challenge that she was able to overcome and it shows true leadership.

From, Stephanie Diaz ‘17

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