Swim Team Makes A Splash

By Miriam Gabay ‘15 

In the interest of full disclosure, Miriam Gabay ‘15 is on the swim team. 

Starting off the season with five new girls joining the team and 24 returning girls, the swimteam was hopeful to go undefeated in the Brooklyn division. With only four days of practice a week, the girls grew more determined to accomplish their goals.

The first meet was against Brooklyn Technical High School was not the start the girls were hoping to have. Brooklyn Tech, being ranked third in the city last year, was set to be the hardest meet of the season. The Midwood girls, ranked eighth last year, were motivated and inspired to do their best with such a competitive team.
“Brooklyn Tech was a rough start, since they’re so talented, but we faced the challenge as a team and did personal bests,” said Captain Irene Collins ’15. “At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.”

As the competition progressed, Midwood and Tech went neck in neck in almost every event. The score, 50-43, was the closest Midwood has been to Tech in a meet in over 3 years. One of the most valuable players on the team, Nadine Brewster ‘16, smashed every event she swam. With an untouchable time of 1:00.37 on the 100 free and a 26.90 in the 200 Medley Relay, she qualified for opens and set the bar high for the rest of the season.

“I am so excited to see one of our juniors, Nadine Brewster, swim a 50 yard freestyle in 27 seconds,” said Coach Goldfarb. “I am certain she will continue to improve.”
With a week in between Tech and the next meet, the girls worked on technique and endurance. Eight days after the last meet, the girls faced New Utrecht. With all the girls included in this competition, there was room for a breather. Going unofficial for the last three events, the score was set at 55-36. Katrina Jack ‘17 set a new personal record of 28.46 in the 200 free relay.

“We are such a close knit team with such talented girls,” said Collins. “It’s just a really fun time, win or lose.”

The next meet being one of the all time favorites, Battle of Bedford, was set to be on October 6th. As both teams tried their hardest and fought to the finish, Midwood prevailed. The final score was 60-33. Two of the team’s strongest swimmers, Jing Wei Hu ‘15 and Joanna Paluch’16, rose to the occasion and set personal bests in their individual events.
“Setting personal records motivates me to do even better,” said Jing Wei Hu ‘15. “This just makes me want to push my limits farther and try harder.”
It is the second year Ms. Goldfarb is coaching the team. Dedicating time to all the girls on the team is certainly not easy, but her commitment and enthusiasm is always apparent. She is truly the team’s biggest supporter and number one fan.

“I am extremely happy with the season so far,” said Coach Goldfarb. Our last two meets were incredibly close, but we managed to be victorious in both. I believe we will continue to be successful and am looking forward to another possible playoff run. We have had many girls break their personal records during the first few meets.”
Midwood will compete against Leon M. Goldstein on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at Lincoln High School pool.

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