Principal Welcomes Parents Over Breakfast

By Almas Shafiq ‘14

Midwood’s Breakfast with the Principal event on September 29 highlighted a new host, Mr. Michael McDonnell, the new principal. At 10:30 am, parents of incoming students at Midwood, honored staff members, and volunteer tour guides gathered in the auditorium for the special occasion.

“It’s a great opportunity for freshmen parents to meet adults who are responsible for instructing their children,” said Mr. McDonnell.

The event began with Mr. McDonnell introducing himself to the parents and why Midwood High School is an outstanding school. Afterwards, Mrs. Fern Bren gave great acknowledgement to the newly selected principal and informed the parents about the privileged opportunities Midwood High School has to offer.

Mr. McDonnell then showed the parents how Skedula, a new database where parents, teachers, and students can access the academic status of students, works.

Parents separated into groups  and were escorted by volunteer guides for a tour of the school. The tour was targeted to show parents the most common places that students go to during their day.

Kyana Exceus ’14 said, “I enjoyed being a tour guide. Interacting with the parents is more fun than it may seem. It’s something else I could add to my memory book for high school.”

Upon entering the annex building, a parent remarked, “I wish the whole school looked like this,” and several other parents agreed.

After the tour was completed, the volunteer tour guides escorted the parents to the cafeteria where breakfast was served.

Parents respectively formed lines to get their food. The lines weren’t ridiculously long because the volunteer tour guides finished their tours at different times.

Breakfast was sponsored by the Parent Association (PA). Karen Tam, president of the PA, and Randy Richardson, vice president of the PA, were in charge.

Coffee, tea, and orange juice were served along with bagels, donuts, and muffins. All of the food was ordered from Bassett Caterers.

“It’s a team effort,” said Ms. Carol Ardito, Parent Coordinator, “I like meeting all of the new parents.”

During breakfast time, many parents took the opportunity to ask Mr. McDonnell, fellow staff members, and volunteer tour guides, any more questions they had.

“It was fulfilling to meet the parents. I enjoyed talking about the specialty of this school,” said Mr. McDonnell.

During incoming freshmen orientations held in June, all freshmen families that attended received a notice about the upcoming event. Parents were also reminded in September through e-mail and during PA meetings.

According to Ms. Ardito, the next event is “Coffee with the Principal” in November. It will be another opportunity for parents to come meet the principal and responsible staff members, address any questions or concerns they have, and enjoy some coffee.

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