New College Counselor Directs Students to Success

By Robyn Nagourney ‘14

Hornets welcome Ms. Lorrie Director as a new college guidance counselor this year. Ms. Director fills the spot left vacant by Ms. Nancy Ziselman who left on maternity leave last May. Ms. Director previously worked at Banana Kelly High School, which is a small Department of Education School in the Bronx.

“ I wanted a new challenge and a new opportunity,” said Ms. Director. “ I always wanted to work in a big high school.”

Ms. Director works as one of the two college advisors for all Midwood students. In addition to being a college counselor, she also is responsible for one Junior homeroom and one Senior homeroom. As a college counselor, Ms. Director helps students of all academic levels prepare for their next steps in life.

“My impression so far is that there is a great sense of pride here but it is not boastful,” said Ms. Director. “Everyone in Midwood knows they are part of a bigger and greater thing.”

Being a guidance counselor was a second career for Ms. Director. She originally majored in business but decided to go back to school because she wanted to work in more of a helping profession. Ms. Director earned her masters in counseling from Hofstra University.

“What I love about my job is that I have the privilege to learn something about each student I meet,” said Ms. Director. “Students trust me with very personal information which is something that means a lot to me.”

Ms. Director plans to be able to connect with as many students at Midwood as possible. She believes time is valuable and therefore plans to make every student encounter as meaningful as can be.

“Midwood is truly diverse and I love that,” said Ms. Director. “I love the energy, I love the pace and I love the sense of collaboration.”

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