Girls’ Team Starts With a Lucky Strike

By Sherry Fung ‘15
Winning five of six games, the girls’ bowling team started off steadily with returning and incoming players.
With a “Midwood Hornets!” cheer before every match, the team commenced the season with a winning score of 3-0 on their first official game. From then, the team has been winning most of their games with just one loss on their record.
As the teams from previous years were undefeated in their league, this year’s team hopes to go even further. However, with their loss to Leon M. Goldstein High School, the team went down to second in the league, right behind Goldstein.
“It was disappointing because we wanted to maintain a winning streak,” said Marianne Feldblyum ‘16. “Aside from that, the season has been going pretty well.”
The players have been practicing four days a week after school, and during weeks when games are scheduled the players practice for only two days a week. With practice, players have a chance to try out different techniques of bowling, like holding, releasing, and aiming a bowling ball. It allows the players to know what methods are suitable for them so that they can utilize that during an official game.
“Only with practice can we improve on our throws and our scores,” said Hilary Yip ‘15, a three-year experienced bowler for the team. “There’s nothing else but to practice, practice, and keep practicing.”
The girls bowling team has brought back many returning players along with newly arriving players.
Coach Giordano said that although the team has new members, “they seem to be contributing a lot. By the end of the season, those new players are going to be our strengths.”
With the players continuing to show off their skills and effort, the team still has a month of bowling practice and tournaments until the season ends.
“We hope to maintain the season with an impact as strong as last season’s with the same effort and scores,” said Giordano. “But more importantly, to bring back the fun we had last season. We had a real good group of girls who bowled like a family, so I’m hoping we can do that again.”
Jasmine Tang ‘15, a player who has been on the team for three years, hopes this year’s team can also achieve the pleasure they had while bowling together.
“Have fun,” said Tang. “Do what you have to do,

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