Girls Sprint Into Track Season

By Shanelle Poole ‘15 

After years of success, the girls‘ track team is planning on becoming better runners and a better team this season.  Before the races and the medals, the girls track team had to put their best foot forward during practices.

The girls track team worked toward cross country by practicing four days a week at Prospect Park. The practices were distance oriented meaning they would run for 30 minutes, or they would do three mile runs. On Mondays and Wednesday, the girls did hill work and speed work. These practices made them faster and stronger.

“It was hard transitioning to cross country season. As a sprinter and jumper, I have been preparing myself for the indoor and outdoor season. Now that it is cross country season I need to focus on getting stronger and building my stamina so by the time indoor comes, I will be ready,” said Jadah Tappin ‘16.

Cross-country is different from track and field because the setting has changed. There is no longer a paved track for the girls to race on. Instead, the girls’ have to run through dirt field or over hills. It is also about safety, some of the girls find themselves coming out of a race with scrapes and bruises as they run pass branches sticking out of trees.

Ashell Tisin ‘15 said, “I prefer outdoor season to indoor because by outdoor I am in the best shape and I run better outdoor in my opinion. I love the track more and I just prefer those races to those of indoor and I usually run my best times too.”

While being cautious, it is still a race so they have to run as fast as they can without using up their energy. There are freshman races which are 1.5 miles, sophomore races are 2.5 miles, junior and senior races are 3.1 miles.

“I am having one of the best cross country seasons thus far, I kind of dislike cross country season because long distances aren’t my thing, however, I learned that distance is not such a bad thing,” said Tisin.

On Sunday, October 5, the girls participated in the Mayors Cup City Championship. Although it was not a team race, Midwood placed as the third fastest school. The fast five included Isabel Leonard-Rose ‘17 , Arianah Denoon ‘16 , Aziza Daniel ‘17 , Shaniyah Renois ‘16 and Tisin.

On Wednesday, October 8, the girls had another race and Leonard-Rose was the first girl in Midwood to cross the finish line and she placed third in the race. The Brooklyn Freshman/Sophomore Borough Championships will take place on Wednesday, October,15.

Although the season has just begun, the girls are proud of the way they started off this season, and they hope to make this cross country season the most memorable one.

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