Former Cheerleader Returns as new Coach

By Feyisola Soetan ‘15
Cheerleading’s new coach was a former Midwood cheerleader herself. Ms. Joanna Alonso ’09 remembers her experience as a cheerleader fondly.
“It was a privilege to wear Midwood colors,” she explained when she spoke of how the experience helped her to grow as a person.
Ms. Alonso believes that joining the team is a great step towards becoming a functioning member of society because of the way it shapes a person. It was being a member of the team that boosted her self-confidence, she said.
Coaching is a way Ms. Alonso has decided to give back. She applied for the position at the same time she applied to be an English teacher because both positions happened to be open.
Being a part of the team and running it are different, she noted, but “I love watching the girls grow independently and as a squad.”
Ms. Alonso said that watching the girls perform at practices and games takes her back to her high school days. During those days, the team had more girls on it, and their cheers were so good that other schools stole them.
According to the coach, the team will be heightening recruitment, working on new cheers, and continuing their renowned halftime dances in the near future.
“I encourage people to try out,” Ms. Alonso concluded. “It’s an amazing experience and it just makes you a part of something. You only get four years of high school.”
There will be a recruiting meeting for anyone interested in being on the squad. The meeting will be held on November 6 after period 10 in the cafeteria.

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