“Brooklyn Gym” Keeps on Giving

By Ashley Harris ‘15

“Brooklyn’s Gym” loves to help out its neighbors, including Midwood, by donating its used gym equipment. Harbor Fitness also known as “Brooklyn’s Gym”, is a private gym which has four locations in Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Mill Basin and Marine Park. People can take classes or obtain a membership and use the gym’s equipment such as lifting weights 24 hours a day.

Mike Ganim and Chris Ganim, owners of the gym, opened their hearts twenty years ago to high schools, fire departments and police departments. Instead of selling their old equipment and making a profit, they donate it to high schools, fire departments and police departments. They donate dumbbells and cardiovascular equipment.

Midwood has been a  receipt of Harbor Fitness’s donations for two years. Room 173, the weight room on the first floor, received 2,000 pounds of equipment. Dumbbells and a power rack make up the weight. A power rack is a piece of equipment used to help weight lifters lift without a spotter to watch them. This donation has offset a large cost. It would have cost Midwood around 5,000 dollars to purchase all the equipment they generously received. Weights are a dollar a pound, at the retail price, not including shipping costs and taxes.

Mr. Anthony Odita, head of the physical education department, along with volunteers from a gym class and some football players helped carry the equipment into the weight room. Mike Ganim said he was “ happy to help and would love to continue working with us.”

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