Tennis Looks to the New Year

 By: Vlada Nakhbo ’15

As the girl’s tennis season came to a close, many of the teammates took their last swings at the yellow ball as Hornets. Although there were many sad goodbyes shared, most of the players are eager to return to the field next year with more experience and more determination for the championship title.

“I have been on the tennis team for four years, so it is sad to leave my team behind, but I have faith that they will go far next year,” said Robyn Nagourney ’14, the captain of the tennis team.

The Hornets were able to fight their way into the playoffs and even got through the first round, beating New Dorp High School at the Midwood Athletic Complex, 3-2. However, they were not capable of continuing because of their 2-3 loss to Eleanor Roosevelt High School, also at Midwood field.

“I felt like the tennis team season this year was pretty intense, but all of us had a lot of fun at practice and at the games,” said Katherine Tsvetkov ’16.

Coaching and extensive practice is key to a successful playoff season. The team participates in multiple basic tennis drills, including the serving of the ball and rallying with a partner to prepare each and every player for any situation they might face in the playoffs.

“My advice for players trying out next year is to practice their serving and their basic forehand and backhand shots,” said Nagourney.

According to the Public Schools Athletic League tennis rules, every player must have at least three practices with their team, and the whole team must have no less than five practices before entering their first match.

“Anyone trying out for the team should know that we’re open to those who struggle with tennis and need some help,” said Tsvetkov. “You shouldn’t feel like you’ll end up as an outcast. You’ll make a lot of great friends.”

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