Scavenger Hunt Seeks Out New Friendships

By Helen Wong ’15 and Julia Zelenko


Key Club found more than just a couple things on a list at their scavenger hunt; they found new bonds between Key Club members. On May 24, Key Club members met at Grand Army plaza in Prospect Park to begin their tasks.

It was definitely an amazing experience,” said Mie Abouelkheir ’16. ” I had a tremendous amount of fun and hope that this event can happen more often.”

The purpose of this scavenger hunt was for the Key Club members to have a chance to bond and have fun with each other after a year full of hard work and charitable events.

The attendees split up into two groups, each consisting of roughly five members. The teams then split up and started to look for things on their lists. The list consisted of many challenges, with many asking Key Club members to pluck up their courage and ask strangers for help. Some of the items on the list were tasks such as “ask someone what made their middle name is and record it”, “climb a tree and take a picture”, “find a couple and offer to sing them a love song. Record it!” and “go up to somebody and pretend they’re famous and get their autograph.”

“The scavenger hunt was a fun way to get out of our comfort zones,” said Farhan Chowdhury ’14, a participant of the Key Club scavenger hunt.

Almas Shafiq ’14 agreed, saying, “I wasn’t reluctant to any of the challenges. In my opinion, the challenges were very interesting and fair. I wanted to work together with my team to win, so I was up for any challenge.”

The winning team, the Scavengers, won with a total of 84 points and the Park Slope Parents lost with a total of 57 points. The challenges had different point values, the more courageous the task was, the more it was worth. For example, challenging someone to a push up contest was worth only two points, whereas actually going through with it gives you an additional seven.

“I believe that the Midwood Key Club’s Scavenger Hunt event should definitely be held more often throughout the year, said Shafiq. “It’s really a great opportunity to engage in, which encourages teamwork, and also gives a chance for fellow Key Club members to bond and create distinct memories.

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