Ms. Bomba Seeks New Role In Education

By Kimberly Harris ‘15


Dubbed Mary ‘Feening’ Bomba by her students, Mrs. Mary Bomba’s chapter as an Earth Science teacher has come to a close. After 25 years in her profession, nine of which have been in Midwood, “M.F.B” has enriched countless young minds and molded the future generation.

“Why did I become a teacher? Basically, I like kids, I like teaching, and I like the fact that I get to spend summers with my children,” joked Mrs. Bomba.

Mrs. Bomba joined Team Hornets after working at a K-8 school where she felt undervalued and dissatisfied. “I saw there was an opening here, applied, and got in. Plus my daughter went here, so I knew it was a good school.”

“I feel like my experience here has been great,” said Mrs. Bomba. “I feel appreciated, respected, and for the most part the kids are very pleasant, nice, and much more respectful.”

Mrs. Bomba couldn’t pinpoint one single ‘most memorable moment’. “Every year there’s something different”, she said. She gleefully recounted going to Pine Grove, seeing students at prom, working with ESL students and seeing them succeed, getting an 85 percent pass rate on last year’s Earth Science Regent, and working with her helpful and friendly fellow science teachers as among her best experiences here.

“Mrs. Bomba is sweet and gives a lot of hands on work,” said Julissa Bernal ’15. “She’s fair and does a lot of activities to keep the class interesting.”

When asked if she had any regrets as a teacher, Mrs. Bomba paused and thoughtfully answered that she didn’t. “I did the best I could,” she said. “You always feel bad when a kid falls through the cracks, but you can’t reach everybody. I’m just glad I reached some people.”

Previous students have written to her years after with their appreciation and memories of the class. “If kids say they enjoyed learning Earth Science or were inspired by my class, that’s a legacy,” she said. One of those students, in particular, went on to pursue Science in college and even invited Mrs. Bomba to attend their Master’s Degree graduation ceremony. “That was really cool,” said Mrs. Bomba.

“Mrs. Bomba was lively and she made the class fun,” said her former student Chenelle Channer ’15. “She was passionate about what she did and was like a mother to her students.”

After such a long run, Mrs. Bomba made the decision to retire simply because she felt it was time.

“Something inside you tells you when it’s time,” she said. Mr. Esposito, another one of this year’s retirees, chimed in in agreement. In addition, Mrs. Bomba ultimately made her decision to retire because of her disagreement with new curriculum policies that standardizes teaching instruction. “I’m a good teacher,” she said. “I can make improvements, but I don’t like being forced to teach a certain type of way. We can’t all teach the same because it cuts down on creativity.”

As for her future plans, Mrs. Bomba might do something in the education field but not as a classroom teacher. She has a long list of things that she wants to do, including exercising more, going to shows, and doing more arts and crafts. Besides having formal education as a teacher, she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. She plans to put this to good use by doing watercolors, knitting, making more jewelry, etc. She beamed with pride while showing off the beautiful bracelet she had made all by herself.

“I’m still young enough to enjoy another phase of my life,” she concluded.

Farewell and well done Mrs. B!

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