Handball Teams End Season on High Note

By Colleen Chasteau ‘15


The boys and girls handball teams concluded their eventful season in the playoffs. Despite their losses, both teams can agree that the season has been by far their most successful to date.

The boys team tasted defeat in a close game in semifinals against Brooklyn Technical High School. Meanwhile, the girls team was able to make it a little farther to the finals, but lost to Bayside High School in an extremely tight game where at one point both teams were tied.

This year the team’s starting lineup consisted of senior players, most of which had been on the team for all four years.

“This year’s season was much better than last year’s because we had a better line up,” said boy’s team member, Jung Li ’14, ” We were able to get much farther into playoffs this year than last.”

This season both teams were deemed undefeatable on PSAL. The boy’s team claimed top spot in their division with

a 12-0 winning streak. The girl’s team came second in their division with only two loses. It was not until playoffs that both teams met their matches .

“We knew we were the best team on PSAL,” said Nicholas Liaros ’14, “but sadly we just didn’t show it in the semi finals.”

Learning from the ups and downs of this season, the handball teams are planning to work even harder especially since there will be a lot of graduating seniors leaving the team .

” Even though our season started out shaky at first we have a general idea of who will be stepping up next year for our greater advantage,” said Nancy Li’15

Technique won’t only be the focus of their future successes.

The handball team members are planning on staying positive and supportive of one another, which is the key to a functional team .

“If we put together our mindsets and have a greater motivation, we will be able to win the championships next year,” said Nancy Li ‘15.

Many of the team players can agree that it is people on the team who make the game memorable and enjoyable.

“When we play it’s kind of pressuring when all the eyes are on you,” said Nancy Li ’15 , “but we have each other to cheer which helps calm our nerves and relax.”

Captain Nicholas , like most of the seniors on the teams will greatly miss the handball team as they go on to college.

” Every game in my opinion was the most memorable because we always tried to have a good time,” said Nicholas’14 , “It was a great four year experience and I’m going to miss everyone.”

The handball team has become a strong unit and willing to accept others who want to make it even stronger.

“If you enjoy the sport itself, you should definitely join the team,” said Nicholas’14.

The season of 2014 may be over but the handball teams’ determination to continue their legacies remains ongoing .

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