Girl’s Track Crowned Champions

By Areeg Naeem ‘15


(In the interest of full disclosure, Areeg Naeem ‘15 is on the track team.)


“This is one of the closest championships we have ever had, only a matter of six points,” said the announcer. “The Brooklyn Championship Outdoor winner of 2014 is…Midwood!”

Amid resounding cheers and shouts, the girls’ track team placed first at the Brooklyn Borough Championships and did just as well in the Freshman/Sophomore Championships, placing first in the freshman division and second in the sophomore division on May 18 and June 1, respectively.

After three years of placing runner up to Medgar Evers High School, the girls’ track team was finally able to come out on top.

“It feels so great,” said Amber Edwards ‘14.”We were always losing to them by a few points. I was always hard on my girls because we know Medgar is our top competitor and we want to beat them. We were definitely the epitome of a winning team with a team effort.”

Teams from all over Brooklyn were present at Icahn Stadium at Randall’s Island, ready to beat the tough competition. There were many events, varying from short speedy races such as the 4×200 relay all the way to long distance runs such as the 3,000 meter run and 2,000 meter steeple chase.

As outdoor season came to a close, the team put all their hard work and effort into these last two meets. There was fierce competition from all teams, proving that it would require unwavering confidence and skills to come out on top.

“I definitely ran my best in the 400, given that I set my personal record(PR),” said Shanayah Renois ‘16. “But I could have definitely done better in my 800 meter run since I missed my PR by 5 whole seconds.”

The girls’ track team prepared for these last few meets with the utmost concentration. Practices incorporated both distance and speed work to improve the girls’ running forms as well as their endurance. All the work paid off at the meet.

“Even though this is my second year on the team, I can say that we have a lot of team spirit and we motivate each other to do better,” said Jadah Tappin ‘16. “I was able to PR in both my 4×400 relay and in the triple jump.”

Not only were the girls ecstatic about their performance, but the coaches expressed their satisfaction too.

“It’s nice to win,” said Mr. Walter Cohen. “It was a total team effort. We had 27 girls score points, contributing to a six point win over Medger.”

Mr. Harry Singer said, “I think that it shows the amount of effort and willingness of the girls. The team put in effort to work on various events.”

Nonetheless, the team prides itself on doing well as Brooklyn is one of the most competitive boroughs in all of New York State. Although the team did exceptionally well, some members still expressed remorse.

“For me personally, I feel that my performance was 50/50,” said Caitlin Munson ‘14. “For the high jump event, I didn’t jump my best height but was fortunate enough to score for the team.”

Salam Attia ‘17 advised, “There’s always room for improvement, so we just have to keep practicing and working hard.”

Rumors also began to circulate once the girls’ track team had won first place at the Brooklyn Borough Championships. Some said that the Lady Hornets’ had won because of the large size of their team which consists of approximately 70 members.

“Rumor has it that the only reason we won was because we have a bigger team,” said Munson. “But as our coach says, they [the other teams] had the same opportunities we had and we just came out stronger in the long run.”

Not only was everyone thrilled about placing first in all of Brooklyn, but it was also a special occasion for the coach, Mr. Cohen.

“I felt happiness for our coach,” said Edwards. “I asked him a few days after the meet about the last time we won Brooklyn Champs Outdoor and he said that we hadn’t won for more than 15 years. It feels great to finally make history for the Midwood girls’ track team.”

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