Arista and Archon Induct New Members

By Vivian Tan ’15 and Johnny Warn ’15


In full disclosure, Vivian Tan and Johnny Warn are in the Arista and Archon Society.


As the students lined up to walk in, the auditorium filled with applause from family members and friends who came to the Arista and Archon ceremony on May 15, in honor of the student’s academic achievement and service to the school.

“Everyone is acknowledged. If you put in the effort and time, the ceremony is the way we give back and honor you,” said Ms. Filomena Daniels, the Arista and Archon coordinator.

Samantha Chee ’15, the new Arista secretary said, “I felt very honored to be a part of it.”

The ceremony kicked off with speeches by Principal Michael McDonnell and all four leaders of Arista and Archon, emphasizing the feat the students have made.

“Archon members devote countless hours to activities in which they are involved,” said Richard Jiang ’14, the male leader of Archon. “Athletes push their bodies past their physical limits, representing Midwood in the public schools athletic league. SING members put on amazing performances for us and our family to enjoy year round. Key club members show initiative and their desire to better our world and their success of their fundraisers show that their hard work pays off.”

After the speeches were given, the leaders took the honor of lighting the Candles of Scholarship, Service and Character. It brought a couple of laughs when the leaders struggled to light them. Dana Cardali ’14, the female leader of Arista, and Robyn Nagourney ‘14, Arista secretary, then read the installation speech which signifies the entry of the students into Arista and Archon after the students took an oath. The students were presented with the Arista and Archon pins and pens.

“The pin will always be there to represent this time in their lives,” said Ms. Daniels. “It’s just something you have


Being in these societies doesn’t only bring recognition; it is also an addition to student’s job resumes, and college applications.

“This is a great program to be in because it is very beneficial especially applying for colleges,” said Melissa Lee ’15.

Arista and Archon are nationally recognized societies that reward the top high school students for their academic excellence and service, but getting into Arista and Archon is not an easy task.

“I worked very hard to get into Arista and Archon. I wanted to be in this program because it recognizes and appreciates my hard work,” said Raymond Yu ’15, the new male leader of Archon.

Arista honors juniors with an overall average of 93% over five semesters and seniors with an overall average of 90%. Archon, on the other hand, honors sophomores, juniors and seniors who accumulated a total of 105 service credits, 45 of which have to come from office monitoring.

“Students often find themselves within a second family where they are exposed to new thoughts, questions, and wisdom,” said Jiang ’14. “Through our interaction with our peers, teachers, coaches and other advisers, we learn so much and develop character and morals that will take others a life time to develop.”

After the ceremony, students gathered around in the lobby to enjoy the refreshments and to celebrate among each other and family members.

This year, Ms. Daniels single-handedly put together the ceremony with great success.

“The job is very satisfying, rewarding, and gratifying. It’s all about doing more with less, that’s what the whole society is about,” said Ms. Daniels. “This ceremony is for the students and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

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