One Girl’s Cookies Don’t Disappoint


By Justin Broomfield ‘15 

On a warm spring day, there’s nothing better than iced coffee and a sweet treat to go along with it, but there aren’t many unique places that serve great coffee and delicious pastries. One Girl’s Cookies, in Cobble Hill, delivers that and much more.

Upon walking down Smith Street, turning into Dean Street, and entering the bakery, you will smell the fresh cakes and cookies being made. On a nice clear day, you will be greeted by a repurposed garage door, which serves as an entrance for large groups. The regular door entrance draws in customers with the desserts in the window. Their glass stands with petit cookies, and, view of the bakers working, drew my attention quickly, as well as the varied aromas of cakes being made.

“Welcome to One Girl’s!” Said Azalea, one of their baristas, with a bright smile and rarely seen bowler hat.

“What can I get for you today?”

I immediately asked for one of everything because I wanted the full experience. I ordered each of the signature cookies, which had unique names, like Danielle, Penelope and Sadie. I also ordered one of each whoopee pie, pumpkin, chocolate and red velvet, as well as a slice of chocolate cake with mocha buttercream.

Biting in the mini and uniquely shaped cookies was delightful. Each one, with its own distinct flavor and texture, had the right amount of sweetness to go with my coffee. Their Danielle cookie, which is also gluten-free, was decadent and rich for any chocolate lover and had a nice crunch from the chopped pistachios.

The Penelope was a rich butter cookie, which was crusted in almond slivers, and had a tangy apricot jam in the center. The highlight of my trip was their famous whoopee pie. The delicate pastry, that fit in my hand perfectly, was like a trip to heaven. The spiced pumpkin whoopee pie, filled with the perfect cream cheese frosting, left me wanting more. The sweet treat reminded me of a mini cake, smaller and better than a cupcake. Mine had to be the best one there because it had a nice crust on the outside, with it still being moist on the inside.

Another clever technique the bakery uses is for their coffee. Instead of using water ice cubes, they freeze their coffee into cubes and use that to keep the drink cold. Not only do I have a bit more coffee when it melts, my coffee did not lose its strength from diluting.

The atmosphere was somewhat soothing. The song choices Pandora made were nice, but the area was filled with families, so children did add to the noise. Other than that, I enjoyed sitting in their custom fitted antique bench and hogging their Wi-Fi, while enjoying a cool spring breeze.

The prices for single items range from $1.50-$5.00, and items by the dozens have slightly reduced prices, for ordering in bulk. Next door, there is a French restaurant, with a live band, and across the street there are various stores, like Brooklyn Industries, and Urban Outfitters is down the street on Atlantic Street.

Overall, One Girl Cookies did what it was meant to. It satisfied me and made me order more for the trip home. The desserts they served were unique because of the nice pairing of ingredients. The café served as a perfect hangout after school and made me not want to leave. I definitely recommend this bakery to people who have a wide palate and are willing to explore the many flavors One Girl Cookie’s offers.

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