Mr. Knutsen Says Goodbye To Midwood


By Donald Ceus’15 

Mr. Knutsen will be teaching students music for the last time this year. He will be retiring after being on the faculty for 16 years.

“I’ve had a great time while I was at Midwood,” said Mr. Kevin Knutsen. “I will definitely miss a lot of people.”

It all started in 1998. After teaching in a variety of schools such as Madison High School, Bildersee Junior High School, Winthrop High School, and a middle school in Park Slope, he finally settled at Midwood.

“I felt like I won the lottery when I took this job,” said Mr.Knutsen

Several of Mr. Knutsen’s students have become successful. Some of them are Sheldon Best, who is an actor, and Samantha Wong, who is an assistant principal in the public school system.

Mr. Knutsen said that his fondest memory will be doing 13 productions with Ms. Janice Pumelia.

Another highlight of his time at Midwood was the students.

“Students were always the best part of the day,” said Mr. Knutsen. “The students are just fabulous.”

He said he enjoyed teaching music because of the bond that develops between the teacher and students, especially when playing songs together.

“It’s so satisfying,” said Mr. Knutsen.

As a teacher, he has only ever taught music. He has been involved in the music field for over 40 years.

In retirement, Mr. Knutsen plans to return to playing music full time. He looks forward to resume writing and composing, as well.

“Musicians don’t really retire. We just change gigs,” said Mr. Knutsen.

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