Girl’s Lacrosse Takes a Break on Skit Day

By Feyisola Soetan ‘15
Girl’s lacrosse took a day out of their hectic schedule to make fun of their coaches at their skit day in early May. There were wigs, interesting uses of eyeliner, and fake accents all around. The coaches had the last laugh as they got revenge by doing several skits of their own that depicted players on the team.
The team laughed until they cried that day, Coach Michael Giordano remembered. Giordano planned skit day for the varsity girl’s lacrosse team to take a break from their practices of six days a week. The girls had played three games in a row on the week of skit day, beating one tough opponent and losing to another.
Tiffany Sanabia ’15 said, “The purpose of skit day was to enjoy ourselves and poke fun at our teammates and coaches after a long season of hard work.”
Sanabia found the time spent with her team entertaining. She thought it was necessary to bond with them before play- ing their toughest opponents again in playoffs.
“My favorite skit had to be with Erica putting on the Coach Giordano eyebrows,” Giordano laughed. He was referring to a skit where player Erica Antoine ’15 impersonated him, using eyeliner to imitate his eyebrows and an afro wig as his hair.
Antoine said, “The best reactions were the facial expressions of our four coaches. They were completely shocked with all the acting and materials used to execute the way they act.” The skits were scored on a scale of 1 to 10 but instead of the number 10, according to Giordano, “we used the team’s version of someone expressing too much energy.” This insider term is “zesty.”
Sanabia said, “I pretended to be dying from internal bleeding while ‘Gio’ convinced me to attend practice in order to get my blood pumping.” This was her favorite skit.
The players also made fun of the way their coaches yelled from the sideline. “Hold the eight!” had the room dying of laughter. They made fun of a meticulous referee and even had Magnet, Giordano’s puppy, make an appearance in a skit.
Then the coaches of the team imitated players’ tendencies and mannerisms. There were light effects as Giordano demonstrated the graceful way player Monica Riskevich ‘15 moves across the field, almost as if she’s dancing. There were shrieks of laughter as another player’s eagerness to run to the locker room after practice was reenacted.
For Sanabia, this day was one of the most memorable of the season. The team cannot wait to do it again next year.
“Families joke with each other,” Giordano concluded. “We have fun together.”

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