Girl’s Lacrosse Finishes Season Strong

By Taili Gasso ‘15 and Yana Shtapel ‘15
Lacrosse season has officially come to an end with the girls going to semi-finals against Tottenville losing with a score of 16-8. With a record of 11-2 and making it close to champion- ships, the girl’s lacrosse team is proud of how its spring season went because they played with passion, they played together, and they worked hard to get as far as they did.
had the opportunity to be a part of Mayor’s Cup. Mayor’s Cup is an all-star team put together from all the best senior girls of PSAL and they go against an all-star team consisting of the best senior girl players from private schools also known as the In- dependent school’s team. Six of the Midwood lacrosse seniors got to participate in the Mayor’s Cup, including Daniela Qyteza, Naillnela Haris, Maya Snagg, Liz Sangadzhiev, Claudja Dorcely,
“This    season    was rough, hectic, painful, but amazing and all the worth- while. I wish there was more time that I could spend with my senior teammates who I will miss dearly,” said Monica Riskevich’15, offensive player. “If there’s anything that I might regret this sea-
son it would be all my small arguments with my teammates that could have been re- placed with good vibes and more laughs.”
Players    on the team received awards from PSAL and were some of the top players according to
the statistics on goals and assists throughout the games. Naillnela Haris ’14, offensive player, came fourth on the PSAL leader board having 46 goals and 75 shots out of 150. Monica Riskevich ’15, offensive player came in second out of 150 other players in all the PSAL leagues having 23 assists.
Lady Hornets lost to Tottenville in semifinals.
and Ameenah Sukkur. “I’m glad to have been a part
of this experience to be able to play be- side such great players even if we were rivals during the regular season,” said Liz Sangadzhiev’ 14, defensive player. “We’re all regular girls who just love to play lacrosse.”
The game was held at Poly Prep Country Day School on June 1. The Mayor’s Cup ended with the score being 17-7 with the independent school lacrosse all-star team winning. At the beginning of the game the PSAL team was winning with a score of 3-2 but the Independent team got control of the game and throughout the game stayed ahead with a comfortable amount of goals separating them from PSAL. Haris ’14 scored two goals and made one assist. Qyteza ’14 scored one, along side four more goals were made by girls from the other from
PSAL schools. “It was a great experience
playing with so many talented high school seniors from both private and public schools,” said Maya Snagg ’14.
Although there are no more official girl’s lacrosse games, Midwood girl’s lacrosse will hold an alumni game, which is former students playing against current students, on

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