Faculty Team Defeats Basketball Seniors

By Thomas Tang ‘15
Loud cheers roared in the gym as the seniors vs. fac- ulty basketball game ended in a 51-57 senior loss, Thursday, May
The game started out on a cheerful note as the seniors went head to head against their teachers in a game of basketball before they graduate Midwood. The crowd was getting into the game, and the teachers were ready to take on the seniors one last time. It was a high tempo game that was exciting for both teams as fans cheered for the faculty and seniors to take home the win.
“The Seniors vs. Faculty game was a great turnout with heart pumping nonstop action. I really enjoyed watching my teachers and faculty play against my fellow peers,” said Michelle Zak ’15.
The faculty team which consisted of Global Teacher Michael Dowd, Physical Education Teacher Michael Moore, Faculty members, and school aides. The seniors were coached by Derrick Stevens’14. When the seniors scored the faculty would answer back, and the game would go back and forth.
“I was watching the game and I was thinking to my- self, damn the teachers came to play because they were beating the seniors with great fundamental basketball,” said Jadeja Mc- farlane ’15.
The faculty taught all the seniors a valuable lesson about basketball playing fundamental and getting everyone in- volved in the action. The seniors tried to keep up, but the faculty gave them all they had, and the seniors couldn’t handle it.
“We played our best and lost, but I give credit to the faculty for playing with great pride and hustle. They played with great energy and we couldn’t keep up,” said Timothy Isidore ’14.
The seniors and the faculty put on a show as they each battled to win the game. As the game dragged on, the faculty proved too much for the seniors to handle, scoring bucket after bucket, showing their superiority.
“Personally I had fun and enjoy participating in the game yearly, but I think the faculty won the game because some of our teachers have a basketball background and were more pre- pared for the game than the seniors,” said Mr. Moore.
The faculty was more prepared for the game and prac- ticed days before while the seniors didn’t have that much team chemistry.
“The seniors and faculty entertained me throughout the game as they both played exciting and amazing basketball, but the faculty played a little better and in the end the better team won,” said Angie Li ’15.
It was a great game for both the seniors and faculty. The two sides entertained the crowd throughout the game. The game was well played for both teams and in the end the proper send-off to the leaving seniors of Midwood was to get schooled by their teachers again.

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