Eyes on the Prize… Varsity Golf Moves Ahead in Season

By Victoria Kantymyr’15 and Timmy Dhakaia’15
As the varsity golf team continues their successful sea- son with a record of 5-3, the goal of making it to the playoffs may become a reality.
“The Midwood Golf team has been around for more than 20 years,” said Coach Richard Tighe. “It’s just not known to many of the students due to population size and variety of other sports and clubs.”
This year, the word of the golf team spread out and more people joined the team. Coach Tighe said since quite a few players joined this season, it was a ‘developing’ year for them. There are officially ten people on the roster, but only five usually play in a match. The top five in the team are Aiden Rodriguez ’16, Sean McDonnell ’15, Chris Ayala ’14, John Pacchiano ’16, and Ryan Williams ’16.
“I joined because a few of my classmates were on the team and I thought it would be fun,” said Christopher Aya- la ’14, who later went on to be-
come captain of the team. The Hornets be- gan the season winning three games in a row until losing
to    Brooklyn    Technical    High    Aiden Rodriguez’16 School. The team did not take the loss lightly and went on to win the next few games in an effort to gain a chance in the playoffs.
“It was a pretty bad game,” said Sean Mcdonnell ’15. “After the game coach rallied the team together and gave us a pep talk. It really touched me and made me want to work even harder for the next game.”
The wins are well deserved as practice is held either at Marine Park Golf Course or the Brooklyn Golf Center four to five times a week. Practice for the season starts around March and ends early June, starting at 5:30 p.m. and ending as late as 8:00 p.m.
“You need to have patience, golf requires hard work and a lot of time.” said Williams ’15. “I sacrifice not being able to see my sick grandmother on Sundays because of golf meets.”
The Hornets are currently ranked ninth in the city, ac- cording to the Public Schools Athletic League. If the Hornets made to the playoffs, it will be their final game of the season.
“I’ve had a wonderful time during my two years on the team,” said Angela Ubanwa ’14. “Golf is not a sport you can go to the park and play so it gave me an opportunity to try some- thing new. This year especially our team proved successful.”

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