SGO Welcomes New Faces

By Joanne Lee ’15 and Amy Feng ’15
Change has come as new faces take on positions in student government on May 22 when the results of the election were announced.
Candidates running for different positions in student government gave their speeches on May 20 in the auditorium.
Jonah Fox ’15, the new mayor, paced back and forth on the stage while exclaiming that students have been mistreated and misheard. He said we would build a better school together and “god damn it. It is a beautiful day to be a hornet.”
“I think that he’s the right person for the job,” said Kelly Kwong ’17. “He’s very realistic and straightforward.”
His opponents were Olga Berkschanskly ’15 who promised to make things better and not worse, Evans Jean ’15 and Jody Wong ’15.
“I felt that the elections were a free for all because the whole school was voting,” said Wong.
Students voted on May 21 in the cafeteria during their free periods or in their social studies class. They stood in line and cast their vote by tapping on the box next to the person who they want to be represented by on an electronic voting booth.
“Elections don’t really let those who deserve the position the right to win or to hold office because people don’t vote for them,” said Patrice Sanderson ’15.
Another position similar to the role of the mayor is the comptroller. The comptroller, elected by all students except the seniors, handles the budget and distribution of money to clubs and teams.
In a battle between Hussain Bokhari ’15 and Jacalyn Swintelsky ’15, Midwood chose Bokhari.
“A comptroller is a marble cake of various qualities,” said Bokhari. “A comptroller must be honest but subtle, smart but insightful, autonomous but cooperative.”
Chennelle Channer ’15 won as the new senior president by default because there were no other candidates.
“I got the job and I’m honored,” said Channer. “I’m hoping I can actually do something for this school.”
The second in command to Channer is Shahreen Pasha, former junior president. The crowd screamed and applauded for her more than any other candidate. She was unable to run for senior president due to her lack of participation as junior president.
“We only have each other. Just you and me,” said Stephanie Ng ’15 who had also ran for junior vice president last year but was unable to win either senior or junior vice president.
She left the stage asking the audience to give a round of applause to her opponents, Pasha and Brittany Williams ’15.
Proceeding on to the junior positions, the battle for junior president was between Gabrielle Wilks ’16 and Inna Zapadynska ’16.

Wilks was the former sophomore president and will continue with her involvement in the student government as the next junior president.
Next in line is Midwood’s new junior vice president, Nozma Omonullaeva ’16. Even though she was declared as the winner before she gave a speech, due to lack of opposition, she was nervous. The crowd supported Omonullaeva and cheered for her to stay calm.
The third person to win by default is the new sophomore president, Jennifer Phil ’17. Phil, former freshman vice president, is also the current founder and president of the KJC club or Korean Japanese Chinese Club. One of her plans is to create a scholarship board for sophomores and freshmen.
“Even small ideas such as putting garbage cans next to the water fountains in the annex is hard because it needs to be approved first,” said Phil. “However, next year I am planning to make changes by starting off small.”
While the competition for sophomore president ended before it started, the clash for sophomore vice president wouldn’t be as easy since there was a four way skirmish for the title between Rimsha Azhar ’17, Zenba Jamil ’17, Nancy Yang ’17, and Sharleen Pasha ’17.
“I’m running to make everyone’s voice heard,” said Rimsha Azhar ’17. “One little voice can make the biggest difference.”
Yang, vice president of KCJ club, referenced the song, Remember the Name, but added her own twist to the end and said “Five percent pleasure, 50 percent pain and 100 percent to bubble in my name.”
At the end of her speech, she asked the audience to play the game, Simon Says, with her.
“Simon says vote for Nancy Yang as your new sophomore vice president,” said Yang.
Sharleen Pasha, like her sister Shahreen Pasha, won the vice sophomore president.
“They were really good,” said Ciarrah Silva’16. “They all had amazing speeches.”
According to Ms. Marcia Kaufman, coordinator of student affairs, fewer than 800 students voted. Many students either did not get a chance to vote due to their schedule or chose not to participate.
Helen Wong ’15 said, “I have a one to eight schedule and extracurricular activities that I must go to after eighth period. My social studies class is first period and the voting booths only open from second to tenth period.”
Although the total votes were less than half of the student body this year, promises of change and taking actions were made. Time will tell what these future leaders are capable of and what they will do for Midwood and the students.
“I think that they will do a fine job,” said Kaufman. “Let’s think positive for the year of 2014 and 2015.”

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