Handball Hornets Hope For Championship Title

By Johnny Warn’15

The boys’ handball team ended their regular season with a decisive win at home defeating Lafayette Education Complex 5-0 on May 6.

With Jennifer Rogers returning as the head coach of the boys’ handball team, they have caught fire heading into the playoffs with an undefeated regular season record two years in a row.

“We are doing great this season despite losing in the invitationals,” said first singles, and captain Nicholas Liaros’14. “I think we have caught the attention of many strong schools and they know we are hungry for a championship after two disappointing losses in the playoffs in the previous two years.”

Despite their success in the regular season the boys’ handball team has come up short in the playoffs for the past two years losing in a heartbreaking quarter final match both years. This year the team feels motivated and determined to winning the championships.

“I believe we have a very strong chance at winning the championships this year because we have an extremely strong line-up that will give other schools a hard time beating,” said Gerry Tran’16.

First doubles Jung Li’14 added, “Our season has been great. We have yet to be defeated, nor do we plan to be in the playoffs.”

Although the team has confidence in winning the championships, the road to winning will not be as easy as it sounds.

“We have minor problems heading into the playoffs that we need to fix,” said first doubles Andy Xu’14.

Li clarified these minor problems as their lack of aggression during the regular season.

“We are well aware that we are not playing as well as we are suppose to and a big part of it is due to our lack of aggression attacking the ball and putting the ball away, said Li. I think once we overcome this problem we will have a strong chance in winning the championships.”

Another challenge the boys’ handball team faced was taking time out to practice.

“The weather this year during the early part of our season wasn’t that great, said Tran’16. “We didn’t get enough practice due to the rainy weather.”
Li added, “I am trying to practice whenever I can, but it is hard to practice this time of the year when the A.P. exams are right around the corner. I have to find time to study while practicing for the playoffs.”

Xu concluded, “Once we make these changes and overcome our problems we are definitely going to win. We are practicing very hard for the playoffs and are thankful to have some alumni’s coming back to train us as well.”

With a blazing hot record the boys are looking to win the championships. Since most of the starters are seniors this will be their last chance to win.

“We are heading into the playoffs with all the confidence in the world, said Liaros’14. “We are hungry and all we can think about is winning.”

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