Girls Lacrosse Heads into Playoffs

By Taili Gasso 15

As girl’s varsity lacrosse season approached its end, the girls finished with a record of 11-2, the best record they have had in history.
Girl’s lacrosse 2014 has been unlike previous seasons. In previous years the team had made it to playoffs but never got the chance to win the championship to the undefeated Tottenville girl’s lacrosse team.

Starting this year off with a new head coach, Michael Giordano, and three alumni players, Mishon Abrams, Julissa Soto, and Alfredo Duncan, the team worked hard all year round to prepare for what would be an incredibly powerful season. The girls workout routine consists of conditioning, stick skills and multiple new drills, plays, and strategies that help improve every aspect of the game they play.

Having only two losses this season, the first one in a game against Tottenville with the score of 11-3, the girls retaliated by beating Tottenville at the second game with a score of 9-8.

“I am really proud of us as a team. Even though our record is the best we have had it in history, what’s really important is that we give it everything we have when we are onto that field,” said Daniela Qyteza’14, an offensive player for the team. “It’s pure passion and I think that’s what a championship team is made of.”

Midwood had the first spot in the PSAL standings, but with their final game being a loss, the team was pushed into having a three-way tie of records with Curtis and Tottenville.

Although the final game was not a win, the girl’s played with all they had. With three minutes left on the clock and a losing score of 11-8, Midwood managed to score the last three goals in that time, tying the game and pushing it into overtime. Curtis ended the game with a 16-15 victory over Midwood.

The girl’s will be heading into playoffs focusing on playing their best and only improving from this point on.

“I knew last year that this was going to be special season. Each year the girls on the team make it memorable and this year we intend to extend the duration of making memories. The only thing we needed to do, is recognize the potential we have. Improving is what we have been doing all season long and is the staple to all championship-bound teams,” said Coach Giordano. “Through dedication, determination and discipline, we are entering the playoffs as the best team that we can be. This team›s best is certainly enough to make history with three must wins next week for the title of Champions.”

The team is looking to put all their hard work and dedication into these last few playoff games to show the other teams what they are made of and have their opportunity to win after years of almost reaching the top.

“ I think that being first in the PSAL record would be great, but I think that winning first place in the championships would be a greater reward than any other,” said Naillenela Haris ’14, an offensive player for the team. “All we have to do is work hard and never stop believing in our dreams.”

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