Baseball Team Practices To Win Playoff Games

By Ames Bartels ‘15

As the varsity baseball team continues their successful season after a beginning eight game win streak, the goal of making it to the playoffs becomes more like a reality.

The Hornets began their season strong, after several postponed games, with a win against Brooklyn Technical High School. They continued the domination for seven more games until losing to Telecommunications, last year’s winners.

The team is grateful for the amazing record, which Christopher Wooden ’15 said they owe to “hard work, dedication, and great coaching.”

The wins are well-deserved as the team practices every day after school for about three and a half hours. They traveled to Florida over Spring break to play other teams as a part of the Florida Coast Spring Training program.

“Overall it was a fun experience and great for the team,” said Wooden. “We played teams we can’t play here and got a great amount of practice in.”

Robert Malone ’15, another player on the team agrees, “It was great; not only did we get a chance to practice a lot, but playing the teams there gave us a lot of experience that we needed to become a better team.”

The team won four games and lost two while down in Florida.

With few games left this season, the team is nearing the possibility of the playoffs in the hope of a better turnout this year. Last year they made it to the second round and lost against New Utrecht 10-0.

Preparations for the playoffs have started for the team and with a successful record so far, they do not feel that they need to overwork themselves.

“We’re just focusing on the fundamentals that got us where we are and are trying to take it one game at a time,” said Malone.

Coach Charles Barbieri said, “Our strategy is pretty simple: throw strikes, play good defense, and have quality at bats. We feel that if we accomplish those three things, we’ll have the ability to compete with and beat any team that we play.”

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