Teachers Take Summer to Pursue Other Interests

By Richard Oletsky ’15 and Amy Donovan ‘15

Drag racing, learning new languages, and lifeguarding are just a few of the things teachers are doing this summer. After ten months of stress, papers, and exams, students and teachers alike need a break. Much to students’ surprise, teachers do many fun things over the summer and get involved.

Mr. John Esposito, Chemistry teacher, likes to keep things interesting when it comes to summer activities. Esposito is a guitarist in a rock band called Best Kept Secret said that he might be doing something with them over the summer.

“I might race my car,” Esposito said, explaining there is a raceway park in Englishtown, New Jersey where drag racers can have a wild time.

When Esposito was a teenager, fun in the sun included going to Coney Island and playing basketball in the streets.

“You could play a lot of sports in the street as long as you had a little imagination,” he said.

Mathematics teacher, Mr. John Caldwell said, “I will be going to South America to visit my brother in law who teaches an English class at a private school, and I will also travel around historical places such as visiting the Machu Picchu and the Sacsayhuaman.”

Mr. Michael O’Neill, Latin teacher, has an ambitious summer agenda as well. He plans on relearning French and Italian. He also said that it would be nice to relearn ancient Greek, but he’s not sure if he’ll have enough time. O’Neill looks at summer as an opportunity to do the things that are most important.

“To have the gift of free time-to go more deeply, more comprehensively into the things that really matter, like being with your family and friends, and reading-that’s the best summer has to offer,” said O’Neill.

As a teenager, Mr. O’Neill defined summer as taking a break from his studies and visiting his grandmother and uncle in Maryland would take him and his siblings down to Washington D.C.

Spanish teachers Ms. Jessica Villafañe and Ms. Martha Vargas feel that summer is all about relaxing and having fun, just like most of us. Ms. Vargas plans on going to Disney World for a week, along with visiting Pennsylvania’s theme parks such as Camelback and Dorney Park, with her daughter.

“I’ll be quite busy, but it will be really fun,” said Vargas.

Ms. Villafañe plans on visiting her family in Puerto Rico as well as going to see the various theater and dance shows here in New York. Ms. Villafañe said she sometimes just likes to leave everything behind and go.

Many enjoy summer for the beach and the ocean, to swim in that cool, refreshing water and have fun. Ms. Renee Goldfarb, math teacher, likes to take a splash, but not entirely for fun and games. During summers, she works as a lifeguard for New York City Parks and Beaches, and saves lives in Coney Island and Manhattan Beach.

Ms. Goldfarb has been life guarding ever since she was a student here, and this will be her thirteenth year lifeguarding. She was promoted to lieutenant lifeguard during her fifth year, and she is now a supervisor for a detailed section of lifeguards on the beach.

“Before I became a supervisor I took part in many rescue efforts including CPR cases on the beach, and I still take part in these situations to this day,” said Goldfarb.

Some, like Ms. Jessica Ross, AP Bio teacher, don’t know what they are going to do for the summer. Ms. Ross said she usually takes classes in order to improve her skills as a teacher, but for now she’s not quite sure since she’s busy preparing her kids for the AP exam.

Summer gives teachers and students an opportunity to take advantage of the longer days and relaxing vibes. While it may seem that the summer months are just for the kids, many teachers also enjoy letting loose and doing what they love to do before they take on the challenges of a new school year.

Mohammed Hasan ’15 contributed to this article.


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