College Now Offers Head Start in College

By Gianni Theobbles ‘15 & Sabrina Liang ‘15


College now has benefits that can help students with their college careers. It has helped with the enrollment and the preparation for students going to college.

College Now began at Kingsborough Community College in the 1980s. In 2000, the Department of Education decided to make a system-wide program. Around 2002 to 2003, the program expanded to all the two-four year colleges in the CUNY system.

“I started college now last summer and I loved it,” said Jody Wong ’15. “I am now currently enrolled in the philosophy course at Brooklyn College and I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when the class meets. We have intellectual discussions that stimulate thought and makes us use real life scenarios”

College Now is the largest collaborative program between CUNY and NYC high schools. This program offers classes for more than 350 high schools in NYC. They enroll approximately 20,000 students yearly. The goal of this program is to help high school students meet their graduation standards and prepare them for college.

“This is my first time taking a college now course and I love it,” said Shahreen Pasha ‘15 ” I’ve gotten a chance to meet a lot of different and new people through this program.”

The College Now program offers high school students a variety of activities, including college credit courses, pre-college courses, workshops, and other activities. The college credit courses offer courses in art, humanities, social sciences, math, and technology, although it can be different depending on the college. Each class offer up to three college credits and is only for juniors and seniors. The pre-college courses offer high school credits for students that are not yet able to take college credit classes.

According to the college now website in order to qualify for enrolment for math classes or classes with math curriculum students need an 80 or better on any one of the math Regents Examinations, 500 or better on SAT math section or 50 or better on PSAT math section. For other classes students must receive a 75 or better on English Language Arts (ELA) Regents, 480 or better on SAT verbal section or a 48 or better on PSAT verbal section.

“College now gives students a wide variety of classes to chooses from” said Sergine Beabrun, a college now tutor for the Spring term Philosophy class. “You are also supplied with everything that you’ll need for the course such as a notebook, a pen/highlighter and a book that you will learn from depending on your professor and your course.”

For the precollege and development courses the requirements are only to score a 65 or better on an appropriate regents exam (depending on the course).

Based on the College Now website, in fall of 2009, 82.2% of the students who participated in the College Now enrolled to a college that offers that program. 3224 out of 7013 students, 68%, who participated in the CN program enrolled to a 4 year college or university and 1546 out of 7013 students, 32%, enrolled to a community college.

College now is a successful way for students to prepare and get a head start for college. Students should take advantage of this opportunity because it can really benefit them in the long run.

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