Bagel Bar Fills Bellies Without Emptying Pockets

By Richard Wu ‘15


Funding for the widely acclaimed bagel bar, originally scheduled to end on April 11, has been extended by the Department of Education School Food. Students may continue to get free fresh bagels with a spread of their choice everyday of the week.

“I was really happy to see that the bagel bar did not end. Now I have more time to enjoy the tasty bagels,” said Wendy He ’16.

According to Cathy Cinquemani, one of the lunch ladies, the school was feeding breakfast to 150 more students than its usual 260.

This jump in numbers has convinced the department to continue the pilot program, which is a test to see how successful the bagel bar is at attracting students, Kerryann Noel, Midwood’s school food manager said.

The pilot program began on March 31. However, this is not the first time a program like this existed in the cafeteria. In September 2013, a similar test was done. Funding for the test stopped after the state set new guidelines for food requirements, which lowered the program’s importance.

Due to high demand by students, however, the bagel bar was reintroduced.

“Students should eat breakfast because it promotes healthy brain activity throughout the day,” said Ms. Noel.

The bagel bar is not certain to remain permanently though. Still in its test phase, the bagel bar can be terminated if the department deems it not successful enough. Until then, students may still pick up a free bagel from 7:30A.M. to 10:00A.M. everyday of the week. Students can also take jelly, peanut butter, or cream cheese as spread for the bagels.

“We won’t know if the bagel bar will stay permanently until September,” said Ms.Cinquemani.

According to Ms. Noel, if the department does decide to make the bagel bar permanent, all high schools throughout New York City will receive funding for a bagel bar. Also, currently, Midwood and one other high school are doing the pilot Program. This means that the level of success of the bagel bar in Midwood will have an impact on other schools and their breakfasts.

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