Summer School Gives Students Needed Credit

By Jessica Benjamin ‘15 and Shanelle Cox ‘15
School’s out! Goodbye teachers and goodbye school work. Hello vacation! This is the hope that many students have as the school year winds down. However, for some students summer school is their vacation.
There are many reasons why students attend summer school, but one of the main reasons is a lack of class credit. Summer School provides class credit for many students so they can graduate. Courses needed for graduation will be offered.
Principal Michael McDonnell says, “Courses will be offered to students who need credit for graduation. Among those courses are Regents courses, 1 or 2 electives, Algebra, and English.”
Summer School this year will be at Midwood, compared to the past 2 years when it was held at Murrow High School. A combination of Midwood and Murrow teachers will make up the staff at Midwood’s Summer School. Classes will be held in the annex, according to Mr. Francheze,
“The students generally have three classes which are generally an hour and a half long,” says Mr. Francheze. The classes will be held in the annex hopefully if the air conditioner works, but there will be a few classes in the gym.”
Summer school begins on July 1, 2014 and ends on August 13, 2014. Even though students will not be receiving report cards, they will get a final grade. That final grade will go on their transcript in the fall.
Students are not the only ones dealing with summer school, teachers have to deal with it too. Teachers have to apply to teach summer school in May. It is a hassle, however, to find teachers to apply because many teachers do not like applying to summer school, says Mr. McDonnell.
Overall, summer school will feature many changes this summer and the school looks forward to these changes. Midwood is also thinking ahead. For example, there is a possibility that Midwood will institute online classes. Now that is the best combination- vacation and education.

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