Mr. Esposito to Retire

By Saba Sakhi ‘15 & Murrim Shahid ‘15
After years of teaching chemical bonding, kinematics, and polarization, John Esposito, chemistry and physics teacher, will be retiring this year. For 29 years, Mr. Esposito has filled classrooms with knowledge and laughter.
“I’m going to miss his sarcastic sense of humor,” said Hazkel Brown’15. “Mr. Esposito’s teaching techniques are great. He creates a nice environment which we feel comfortable to learn and find our own interest in chemistry.”
Mr. Esposito has been teaching since 1972. Although he still enjoys teaching children, he is going to retire mainly because of the changes in the education system. He said that he was displeased with the way the system was going and knew that it was time for him to leave.
“I don’t agree with the Common Core Standards and Danielson Method for evaluating teachers,” said Mr. Esposito.
He also believes his job at Midwood is fulfilled. After retirement, he plans to relax, travel, and do some part-time teaching.
“I enjoyed working with the kids; it was entertaining and the staff was great as well,” said Mr. Esposito.
His best experience was teaching AP Chemistry because it was a challenging course to teach. His worst experience was cafeteria duty as a dean for three years in the 90s because of how chaotic and disruptive it used to be in the cafeteria. His proudest moments include seeing students exceeding, going to college, and progressing over the years.
“Mr. Esposito wants the best for every one of his students and is willing to aid us into success,” Neshma Simon’14. “I will definitely miss his jokes and remarks.”
Mr. Esposito says the key to success is “WORK, WORK, WORK, my favorite four letter word.”
“His lessons are engaging, and he is very patient with our uncertainties,” said Fatima Tariq’15. “Mr. Esposito is enthusiastic about teaching, respectful of his students and is adept in his subject matter.”
According to James McMahon, chemistry teacher, his fine teaching is shown through the incredible regents results his students receive. Mr. McMahon also added, he impacted the school positively and that parents ask for their children to be in his class
There is still no final decision on who will replace Mr. Esposito. Although it’s a huge loss for the Midwood family, he will always be remembered for his methods of teaching and of course, his whimsical personality.
“He sets the tone for the Science Department and not having him here would be a big void,” said Howard Spergel, physics teacher.

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