Key Club’s Toy Drive Helps Those in Need

By Jennifer Xu ‘15 & Jessie Wong ‘15

Stuffed animals, cars, and dolls are some of the few toys Hornets are donating to the Key Club’s Toy Drive to help the needy and underprivileged children in New York City.
Ishmath Cellion ‘15, Key Club’s new vice president, decided to continue the ongoing charity event. Throughout May, there will be a bin in the lobby for the toys. The donations will be going to the New York City Toys for Tots Marines.
The New York City Toys for Tots Marines began in 1947 when Major Bill Hendricks and a group of Marine Reservists gathered and distributed 5,000 toys to the less unfortunate. Toys for Tots started to expand into a nationwide campaign and stack up on toys from various companies, organizations, families, and individuals to support the disadvantaged children. In 2004 and 2005 Toys for Tots was able to collect over 300,000 toys and reached out to over 90,000 children.
“I didn’t realize Key Club really works hard at prioritizing those in need,” said Alison Wang ‘17. “It really encourages me to want to donate toys for others.”
Toward the end of the month, Key Club will be sending out all of the toys they have collected to Toys “R” Us, where they will be shipped out and distributed to those in need.
To ensure the toy drive is a successful event, leaders are actively reminding students in the weekly meetings, posting statuses on the Midwood High School Key Club page, projecting it in the morning announcements, and encouraging friends to donate.
As a new Key Club member this year, Karsten Ma ‘15 said, “I don’t know why I didn’t join earlier, I have so many used toys at home I need to get rid of.”
In hopes for a great turnout, Cellion strives for more than 50 toys in the bins to feel a sense of accomplishment.
“Donating something simple can really have an effect on those in need,” said Cellion.

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