Intel Luncheon Celebrates Student Success



By Koli Papa’15 As Principal Michael McDonnell stepped up to the podium, the Intel students erupted in applause as he took his phone out and took a selfie. This all took place in the annual Intel luncheon where the members of the program gathered to celebrate all of their accomplishments.

Dr. George Hero, the director of the program, took the stand in the court room and gave out awards to all the staff who contributed their time and hard work to the program.

“I was very proud of all the students,” said George Hero. “It made me feel to see all of their hard work pay off.”

Mrs. Joann Peters congratulated the seniors on completing their projects and doing a wonderful job. She also made it clear to the lower classes that in order to complete this project they must continue working at the highest level possible in order to achieve their with the Intel project itself and after their high school careers.

“My favorite part of the luncheon was seeing all the Intel students come together,” said John Filosa ‘15. “It was fun just hanging out together.”

Preceding the award ceremonies two representatives from the senior class went up to pass the torch to the juniors and wished them luck in finishing their projects.

“It was an honor to be appointed the new representative of senior Intel,” said Michelle Zak’15.

The most anticipated part of the event was getting to eat all the delicious food that the students had brought in. The sophomores and juniors brought in dishes for the event, and the seniors brought eating utensils and drinks along with dessert. As soon as Dr. Hero said the words “let’s eat”, the teachers along with the students got up and devoured the abundance of food that was brought in.

“I loved the food,” said Filosa ‘15 enthusiastically. “It represented a lot of different cultures and also it was just delicious.”

After everyone got their food both the students and teachers got to interact with one another. The seniors shared their experiences and the sophomores pictured themselves in that position one day.

“I thought the passing of the torch was really special and symbolic, said Dr. Hero with a smile on his face. “The students did a wonderful job.”

The event brought the whole program together and showed the students how much the work that they are putting into the program was valued and is contributing to society.

“The Intel luncheon brought all the Intel students together,” said Zak’15. “It showed our group of researchers as a successful whole, dressed for success.”

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