Programs Relieve Financial Stress of Prom

By Murrim Shahid’15
As many seniors may struggle to pay senior dues, they
are also burdened with prom expenses. Programs such as the
Cinderella Project and Prom Rep help ease this burden. The Cinderella
Project, started in 2005, is a program that offers free prom
dresses to all girls ages 13-21 years. These dresses are brand new
or slightly used through donations from the community or businesses.
This program offers more than just dresses, however.
“Years ago, 20 girls went here. 17 got prom dresses and
one even received free hair and makeup,” said Marcia Kaufman,
Coordinator of Student Affairs.
The Cinderella Project is completely voluntary. According
to, this project is viewed as a way
to reward “girls for their accomplishments” in school.
An alternative to the Cinderella project is an event held
at Tilden High School, May 10, by New York senator, Kevin
Parker. In partnership with Lydia’s Closet, similarly, this event
will also provide free dresses.
“There are so many things we have to buy for prom,”
said Anupoma Rahman’14. “The Cinderella program is beneficial
for a lot of people. It helps people save money.”
It’s not only ladies who have the stress of never ending
items to buy. Men have to look just as dashing. The Prom Rep
Program, by Dante Zeller, offers discount coupons for tuxes.
There is a catch: if 5 friends use the coupon, you receive a free
tux. If 10 others use the coupon, you are rewarded with a free
tux and $100.
“While the females are the main attention, we also
worry of looking good,” said Nibras Ahmed’15. “Many people
may be hesitant to go to prom, and one reason is the expense, so
this program is great for them.”
Another similar program is the Prom Rep Challenge by
Men’s Wearhouse.
“I’m going to be a senior next year and just thinking
about all the expenses makes me anxious,” said Hassan Tariq’15.
“Though I personally may not use these programs because I feel
like I would be taking advantage of the people who do need it,
they are great programs that eliminate a ton of stress for prom
expenses and worries about having decent attire that›s not too

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