Navince is Beneficial Despite Initial Glitches

By Miriam Gabay ‘15
Naviance is a program that has been used in Midwood for years but a new and improved version was introduced to the seniors last year in order to help them with the college process. It provides students with the opportunity to plan their futures by highlighting their individual strengths and allowing them to explore colleges that meet their outcomes.
“Naviance helped me during my senior year by providing me with stats and resources other programs didn’t offer,” said Miriam Avrutin ’14. “Naviance shows you how your grades match up with whatever school you chose and also stats of other people that got in from past years.”
This year, teachers were able to send in recommendations through Naviance. This was proven to be more effective and easier. However, at first, there were a few problems with sending in recommendations.
“I didn’t have any serious problems, such as my transcripts not being sent or anything like that,” said Julietta Gurgova ’14. “However, I know my friends had these problems. The only thing that was hard was getting all my teachers to sign up for Naviance.”
Graduating seniors are recommending the upcoming seniors sign up for Naviance as soon as possible. It provides valuable information that students can use to decide what schools fit their requests.“Naviance will become your best friend senior year,” said Avrutin.
Besides being more comfortable and reliable for the students and teachers, Naviance is environmentally friendly. It’s a great way to save tons of paper that is used so often to print out transcripts and recommendation letters for students.
“We also have the parents involved so now the parents can log on with their own passwords and be able to see where their child has applied and whether the child has applied to college,” said Sharon Kaminer, the college office administrative assistant. “The passcode they are given will allow them to see their child’s status and keep them more informed.”
Most seniors say they benefited from having the Naviance program this year.
Next year, Naviance will start for sophomores so they can enter their information in earlier. Starting from 2016, the whole school will be using this site as soon as they come in.
“Naviance was a great assistance when meeting with counselors because they could pull up schools I applied to right away and teachers were able to directly upload everything they needed on the spot,” said Chris Ayala ’14.
The college office also uses Naviance in order to send mass emails. It provides students with

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