Key Club Attends Leadership Conference

By Helen Wong’15
In the interest of full disclosure, Helen Wong was on the district
board and helped plan the convention.
Key Clubbers shuffled onto the Albany bound Greyhound
bus in front of Midwood on March 28. Contrary to the
dark and dismal looking weather, the four representatives from
Midwood were bright and cheery as they boarded the bus. The
4-hour bus ride to Albany didn’t seem like much when they
were having fun with Key Clubbers from Queens and Staten
Island. They were all going to LTC or Leadership Training
Conference, the annual Key Club convention hosted by the New
York District Key Club in Albany, NY from March 28 to March
30 at the Desmond Hotel.
“I had an amazing time,” said Emily Henning ‘15,
“and I’d love it if more people could come next year!”
The conference’s purpose was to celebrate the previous
year’s hard work and to train incoming officers as well as to
elect a new district board. The convention was jam-packed with
activities that made sure that all attendees would be busy from
breakfast to curfew.
When all attendees arrived on Friday, they were welcomed
with a round of workshops consisting of ‘Balancing
School, Life and Key Club’, ‘Conquering the College Application
Process’, ‘Keeping it Classy: A Guide to Professionalism’,
‘Public Speaking’ and several more! Afterwards, was the opening
dinner and opening session, followed by a presentation by
professional keynote speaker, Dave Kelly who taught us how to
be effective leaders. Once we finished learning, we danced the
rest of the night away at the Key Club social until the midnight
The New York District Key Clubbers use this convention
to meet new people and make new friends.
“My favorite memory was when I met the girls from
Sunderland who became my best friends on the trip! Clifford
Young’17, our lieutenant governor, went to the wrong table by
accident and I’m so glad he did,” said Henning ’15. “Ms. Serb,
their advisor, adopted us into their group, and we all had so much
fun together!”
On Saturday, all Key Clubbers woke up early to catch
breakfast and another session by keynote speaker Dave Kelly.
Afterwards, we all attended the Awards and Recognition Session
to honor exceptional service projects, clubs and funds raised.
Following that was another round of workshops that focused on
service projects and educating members about the ones that Key
Club is affiliated with. Lunch was served and after that were caucus
Caucus sessions are when candidates for office speak
to the members and answer their questions. After caucus sessions,
general members adjourned to officer training workshops
while two delegates from each division went to Nomination Conference
to eliminate two of the four governor candidates.
After officer training workshops was club time, where
clubs could meet and discuss plans for the future. Afterwards,
members moved to respective rooms for a service project workshop.
They could choose from attending ‘Bracelets for Babies’,
‘Improv Acting’, ‘The Healing Power of Origami’, ‘Throw a
Fit’, and many more!
Once we all completed our service projects, we went
to dinner and the Salute to Divisions Session, where we watched
performances from the talent show and heard the winner of the
Oratorical Contest speak. Afterwards, we all dressed up to attend
the Governor’s Ball, another night of dancing and fun!
On the final day of the convention, delegates woke up
early to eat breakfast and attend House of Delegates, where they
would vote on who their new district board would be and whether
amendments on the bylaws would be approved or not. Midwood
sent officers Henning’15 and Jocelyn Yeung’15. After House of
Delegates, we attended another round of workshops and closing
session, where the administrator retired the board and the
governor said his farewell, before going to our final lunch of the
convention. After lunch, we all packed and got ready to leave.
We came back the same way we got there, on a bus through the
pouring rain, but this time, we all had made new friends and we
were all excited from the prospects of the new service year.
Next year’s leadership training conference will be at
the Desmond from March 27 to March 29.

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