GLAX Practices for Winning Season

“12 sticks, one heartbeat!” The girls’ lacrosse team shouts out in a loud voice before every game. It’s the start of the lacrosse season, and they have a renewed hope to go for the gold.
Under the supervision of their coach Michael Giordano and three alumni players, Julissa Soto, Mishon Abrams and Alfredo Duncan, the team is working hard to bring home the championship. However, it is not easy.
“We practice in all types of weather,” said Carrie Walker ‘16.
Kelsie Gallego ’16 added,. “If you watch us practice you can see all the hardwork and dedication we put into everything.”

Tryouts took place in the fall and the team welcomed a set of new players for this year’s season. Some of them who were completely new to the game work even harder so that they do not fall behind.
“Practice is challenging at times but then my team- mates explain it to me and I get it,” revealed freshman player Sabrina Gorodetsky ‘17.
Coach Giordano said, “They (new players) are pretty much thrown into the fire, so to speak. They’ve got to keep up and if they’re not keeping up, they know that some extra work on their own time is needed. They have access to drills on a specific site that we have and they can practice on their own and utilizing that could certainly help not just a beginner, but anyone else on the team.”
The team has consistently made it to the semi finals for six seasons but this year, tired of simply eyeing the prize from afar, they hope to ultimately win the championship.
“We’re tired of being the bridesmaids, we want to be the brides,” said Daniela Qyetza ‘14.
A total of 13 games in the season, the team looks to improve one game at a time as they tackle them. Winning is im- portant but improving as a whole is of even more importance to them.

“I’m hoping that we’ll make it to championships because I know we have the potential and the spirit to win,” said Melody Hope Wallace ‘15. “But above all I’m hoping that our teamwork and chemistry will get better on and off the field.”

With a record of 3-1 the Hornets have backed up their words with actions. Their one loss so far has come from the previous PSAL champion and long time rivals, Tottenville. The away game against Tottenville that took place on March 26 was a devastating blow to the team with an 11-3 loss, but they bounced right back from it using that game as an eye opener to how they can improve.

“Having that game against the reigning city champs, Tottenville was a good indicator of where we stand so far,” said Coach Giordano.

Still, the team remains strong and unified, even during the transition to a new coach.

“Gio is a great coach,” said Feyisola Soetan ‘15.

Erica Antoine ‘15 added on, ”Coach Gio is really helpful. He’s always there for us.”

Coach Giordano however attributes his success to the Hornets’ previous coach, Coach Paul Chakrian, who prepared him by gradually easing him into the position.

Overall the girls are geared up and ready to go with high hopes for a successful season. Ahmari Joseph ‘15 expressed her excitement for the upcoming season as well as her adoration of the team.

“I love my team. My team is very diverse and we all have different personalities but on the field when we are together, we are one,” she said.

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