Girls' Tennis Hopeful After Losses

By Marina Korovyanskaya ’15
Despite losing their first couple of games, the girl’s tennis team still stands proudly with hopes for future wins.
“We have a lot of new dedicated girls excited to begin our new season,” said Co-captain Renata Ontman ’14.
The players had their first game away where they faced Leon M. Goldstein. Due to the weather, the games were cut short, and everyone played up to eight matches rather than the usual ten.
“The rain and the cold is keeping us from practice, and that’s what is imperative,” explained Nicole Kovmir ’16.
The girl’s next game was at home, and the weather seemed to be on their side. The team’s second doubles was able to win a game, however, the team still lost as a whole when they faced New Utrecht.
On Saturday March 29, the players had to wake up early to meet at Madison and play their third game of the season. This was new for the team since it was the first time in many years that the team had a game on a Saturday. However, the weather forced the two opponents to part half way through everyone’s matches until the upcoming Tuesday when they would finish playing.
The players had opposing views on whether having games on Saturday was a good idea.
“We come to games fresh and awake as opposed to worried about homework overloads or any big tests the next day and I felt that we could focus on our game more,” said Ontman ’14.
Khrystyna Kobrin ’14 explained, “I think that on the other hand, it is difficult for some girls to come to the game because, like me, some of us have Saturday school and other activities such as SAT prep.”
On Tuesday April 1 the two teams finished their game at the Midwood Athletic Complex. Some girls felt that their performance was affected because they had to play on a different day rather than finish the game on that Saturday.
“We put more heart and soul into the Saturday game,” said Ontman ’14. “The continuation kind of drowned out the excitement and our tiredness from school affecting how we played.”
On April 3 the team faced Brooklyn Technical School at their home field. The girls were determined to play their best and have fun while playing no matter what the score might be.
Regardless of losing the game, the girls have high spirit and feel that the bettering of the weather will give them a boost towards success.
“Our main advantages this season would be the fresh faces providing enthusiasm and team spirit along with dedication and our team’s hard work at practice,” said Ontman ’14.
The weather seems to not only impact the team’s performance by giving them a disadvantage during games, but also on the  amount of practice they get to have in preparation for the game.
“I’m hoping on better weather because our team needs practice communicating in the double games and working on a strategy in the singles games,” said Alice Balashova ’14.
The team is scheduled to play three more games the second week of April if the weather will not stop them.

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