Girls Softball Brings Home Win

By Amy Donovan

Cheers erupted as first baseman Breanna Maresca’14 swung the bat, sending the ball soaring over Grand Street’s centerfielder. Bases were loaded and as the ball kept rolling on the smooth turf, the Hornets rounded the bases and all made it home including Maresca.

The girls’ softball season started in the middle of March with a few losses against Madison High School and the High School of Telecommunications Arts and Technology, but the girls were able to turn around the bad streak by defeating Grand Street Campus High School on March 25 and defeating Bushwick Campus High School on April 1st.

Although the girls were happy about their first few wins of the season they still realize they have a lot to work on especially after suffering another loss against New Utrecht High School.

“We need to work on coming together as a team,” said head coach Jenny Ferrarin. “Once everyone gets comfortable and familiar with each other we will be okay.”

Shortstop Chynah Rodriguez’15 said the team needs to work on situations so they’re ready for all kinds of plays.

The team knows they need to work on some skills, but Sabrina Boutros’14 is confident for the rest of the season.

“I believe the key to overcoming our weaknesses is going into the game with no fear of our competition,” Boutros said.

Along with working on skills and plays, the girls also have to deal with the weather, and their own home field at Marine Park.
Right fielder Sara Glaser’15 said, “I think the biggest struggle is that we have to practice in a public park because there are a lot of distractions.”

The rainy weather recently has caused a few practices to get cancelled, but Coach Ferrarin is confident that when it warms up the team will be on track to reach their goal of getting into the playoffs

While the girls are trying to get into the groove of the season they are also in the process of getting to know each other. With seven new players on the team this year, five of whom are freshman, the girls are eager to get closer with each other.

Brigitte Kats’17 said, “I love making new friends and everyone is really supportive of each other.”

The girls are always cheering for each other during games and try their best to be helpful and supportive. “It’s really encouraging when the girls cheer me on when I’m up at bat,” said Glaser.

The season seems to be taking a turn for the better as the girls won two games this week: against Bushwick Campus High School and Abraham Lincoln High School.

The game against Abraham Lincoln high School  started out rocky and the Hornets were down by two when they scored seven runs in the fifth inning giving them the lead.

“The Lincoln game was a great win,” said Emily Whelehan’14. “We were able to come back from being down but we are still trying to improve as our season progresses.”

The girls’ record is now 3-3 and with so many games left, the season could go either way.

No matter how the season turns out, the girls are excited to make the most of it and try their best.

“As long as the girls play their hardest that’s all that matters,” said Boutros.

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