Girls Handball Starts Season Strong

By Johnny Warn ‘15 and Vivian Tan ‘15
The girls’ handball team is off to a great start with six consecutive wins against their division rivals. Their last win was against Telecommunications on April 2 beating them four games to one extending their record to 6-0.
Coach Jeffery Williams said the team is doing an excellent job. If they play to their potential in their next game against Fort Hamilton, they can defeat them with a score of 5-0.
Prior to defeating High School of Telecommunications Arts and Technology with 4-1, the girls’ handball team won against Franklin D. Roosevelt, Brooklyn Studio, Abraham Lincoln, New Utrecht, and James Madison High School with a score of 5-0.
“I couldn’t be prouder of my team,” said second singles, and co-captain Jessenia Garate ‘15.
Second doubles Nancy Li ‘15 said, “Our success has come from last years lost in the playoffs. We are determined to win this year.”
After a great 9-1 season last year, the girls’ handball team was defeated by Bayside in the playoffs three games to two. Losing by just one match last year, the girls’ handball team is using their loss as motivation to win the championship this year.
Despite their success, the girls’ handball team feels a lot of pressure meeting expectations as well as remaining at the top.
“One big challenge is being able to face new strong players,” said Garate ‘15. “I overcome them by being the best player I can be and playing them with all my skills.”
Although the weather from the beginning of the season wasn’t the best due to the snow and rain, the team still practiced and played their matches.
Third singles Maria Chak ’14 said, “We train whenever we can, no matter what the weather is.”
First doubles Lily Kyi ‘16 said, “It’s sometimes hard getting to games on time because of the weather. There are at least three games per week.”
At the end of the day, it is their love and passion for the game that keeps them playing.
The girls’ handball team also won 5-0 against Franklin D. Rooselevlet High School on April 7.

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