Boys Track Sprints Toward Success

By Jonathan Ma ’15
In the interest of full disclosure, Jonathan is on the track team.
Bang! As the boy’s track team ran towards success in the Nationals Indoor 2014, they anticipate a better outdoor season.
“We’re going to build off success from the indoor season,” said Mr. Marc Cohen, head track coach, “and make it a historic outdoor season.”
Finishing in third place in the 4×800 meter relay Emerging Elite, the boy’s track team dominated at the New Balance Nationals Indoor 2014. The Emerging Elite are for those who have not quite made the standards compared to Championship race qualifications.
Brandon Bonfilis ’14 began the race for the Hornets at nationals starting the team in 11th place and finished with a time of 2:05.38. Ike Egbunam ’15 grabbed the relay baton from Brandon and set off, putting the Hornets in eight place and finishing with a time of 2:00.48.
“Since I was the second leg in the race,” said Ike Egbunam, “I had to get my team back into the race from last.”
Jacob Zolotarevsky ’16 began the third leg of the race after Ike and pushed the team into seventh place finishing with a time of 1:59.63.
“I had a feeling we would do good,” said Jacob Zolotarevsky, “but I think I could of done better.”
Billy Hector ’14, the last to run, made a comeback that even the announcers were in shock. Picking up from seventh place, Billy surpassed every runner in his way. After the ring of the bell, which indicated it was the last lap; Billy had a lead that no runner could beat.
“I wasn’t even thinking,” said Billy Hector. “The only thing on my mind was to catch up to the leaders and run a personal best time.”
Billy set his personal best with a time of 1:54.22, and the team finished with a total time of 7:59.71.
Not only have the Hornets finished third in nationals indoor, in the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) State Championships hosted by Cornell University, but the Hornets placed fifth with a time of 8:10.51. The Hornets competitive rival, Warwick Valley, finished third and remained undefeated in both the New Balance Nationals and New York State Championships.
“Throughout history there has been two legendary track teams in Midwood, 1973 and 2002, both nationally ranked,” said Mr. Cohen. “This team’s goal is to surpass them and achieve legendary status.”

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