SAT Group Makes Studying Easy

By Beyhan Taylan ‘15

In your folder you have your transcript, your recommendations, your extracurricular activities, and your score for the most dreaded exam, the SAT.

Many students stress about the SAT because they don’t know how to study for it. Students often reserve to taking prep classes or getting private tutors. However, not everyone can afford SAT classes and some are not sure whether it’s worth the price.

“You don’t know whether you will get your money’s worth until you pay for and take the class,” said Stephanie Kimball ’15, who took a Kaplan prep class.

Students look for alternative ways to study for the SAT. One such way is the free SAT Study group. Khushbu Mehandru ’15 runs the group. She started it to help students and herself study for the SAT.

“Some people can’t afford prep or don’t have time for it,” said Mehandru ’15. “It’s to provide them with any help they can get.”

Members are sent a section of the SAT practice test taken from the College Board and are required to take it with them to each meeting. Members work on the sections together under a time limit like they would during the actual test. In the following meeting the students will go over wrong answers and discuss why the right answer is correct.

“Issues range from general ability in utilizing proper skills and knowledge for all parts to the proper use of stamina while fighting against the time limit,” said Tommy Lam ’16.

Members find it beneficial to work together as a group instead of working by themselves.

“Every weekend I tell myself that I’ll open my book up and study,” said Sabrin Uddin ’15, “but I am one of those people who can’t work on my own; I need a group to be motivated.”

Together, members decide on what to study for the next session.

“It’s not like having a actual mentor saying ‘Hey, we are doing this today!’ in a prep class,” said Mehandru ’15. “I usually get to ask them what they would like to do in the next week.”

This is an alternative to paying for SAT prep classes. A Kaplan prep class can cost as much as 700 dollars, online classes can cost as much as 600 dollars, and private tutors can cost as much as 100 dollars per hour.

The club consists of about 10 students, most of whom are juniors. Mehandru ’15 plans on continuing the club next year. Current and future freshmen can join the club, but should know that the SAT they will be taking will be different from what’s currently being practiced in class.

The group meets on Wednesdays in room 403 during period 3.

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