Beloved Former Teacher Passes Away

By Donald Ceus’15, Billy Chen’15

Dorothy Rabinoff, president of the Alumni Association, will be remembered by her Midwood family after suffering a stroke that led to health complications and ultimately, her passing on March 25 at age 84.  She was laid to rest on Thursday, March 27 at Beth Moses Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.

Mrs. Rabinoff was the one and only president of the Alumni association. She was also a student and taught for several years at Midwood.

“Mrs. Rabinoff was a student at Midwood who graduated in 1947.  She then attended Brooklyn College and became a teacher at Midwood in the mid-1950s,” said Ms. Wendy Guida. “She later came back to Midwood to work as a paraprofessional with students in the Special Education Department.  She served as the president of the Alumni Association for over 40 years.

It was because of Mrs. Rabinoff, that the new library desk is in the library today.

According to Ms. Janice Pumelia, assistant principal of English, Mrs. Rabinoff decided to use funds from the Alumni Association to help restore the desk so it could be placed in the library.

For most of her life, Mrs. Rabinoff worked in the field of education.

“I believe Dorothy’s greatest professional accomplishment was her life-long commitment to education,” said Ms. Guida. “She was a teacher and a para at different points in her life, but she was also an active parent who worked on the Parents’ Associations of the schools her children attended.  And then she took on a tiny, inactive Midwood Alumni Association in 1973 and nurtured it to the thriving institution it is today.”

According to Ms. Guida, Mrs. Rabinoff was a wonderful writer. On occasion, she wrote articles for Hornet’s Nest, the alumni newsletter.

Ms. Guida and Mrs. Rabinoff were good friends.

“Dorothy had retired by the time I was a student and then a teacher at Midwood.  I met her when I became involved with the Alumni Association.  She became one of my dearest friends,” said Ms. Guida. “She was extremely funny and loved to laugh.  She was a very upbeat person who seldom complained, even as she dealt with the physical challenges of getting older.  She was always interested in others, which is a rarer quality than you might think.”

“My favorite moments were those we spent at her dining room table, drinking coffee and sharing Midwood Alumni news,” said Ms. Guida. “I would always bring her the latest issue of Argus, and we would talk about what items should go in the next Hornet’s Nest.”

“I will miss her as a friend, first and foremost,” said Ms. Guida. “I will certainly miss her leadership in the Alumni Association and her incredible knowledge about the school history, its staff and its students.  She had a wonderful memory and told great stories.  She was always a dedicated professional who cared about students and loved Midwood.”

Ms. Rubinoff will be remembered for her contributions to the Midwood community.

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