There’s an App for that, you know?

By Amy Donovan’15 and Sophia Liano’15
Apps are great for many things like finding destinations, studying, and even satisfying the craving for a virtual milkshake.
It seems like there is an app for everything these days. Apple’s App Store contains 24 categories with something for everyone including apps for books, business, games, lifestyle, and the weather. According to, the App Store has about 1 million apps and adds 25,000 to 35,000 apps on average every month. Some are more oriented to social interactions like Facebook and Instagram whereas others are more practical and aid in the carrying out of everyday practices like Wunderlust and HopStop.
One app that is useful to many students is the Official SAT Question of the Day app which supplies a test-like question every day. The question can be from the reading, writing, or math section of the SAT. It’s free, and it enables students to do SAT practice wherever and whenever.
There are apps that help you stay organized and on top of things. Julia Zelenko ’15 uses the free app, Wunderlist, on her iPhone 5. The app allows you to make lists, such as packing lists, shopping lists, and to-do lists. When you’re done with the tasks, you can check them off.
The iStudiez Pro app is an excellent way for students to keep track of all their classes, assignments, and due dates by sending notifications for whenever a due date is coming up. The app also synchs with the calendar from your phone to make things more organized. While this app is $2.99, it helps students get organized and allows them to plan their schedules out easier. There is a free version called iStudiez Lite, but this does not have as many perks as the iStudiez Pro does.
To make those picture-perfect moments even more perfect the app Afterlight edits photos realistically. Posting pictures to Instagram has become a regular practice for some students and with the app’s 56 filters, 66 textures, and 75 different frames there are many ways to improve a bad shot.
For those tricky Spanish or French words, there is iTranslate. This app can translate English words into over 80 languages. If you’re ever in a rush to finish up last minute homework or you just want to know what people are saying about you in another language this app will help you tremendously.
Milana Ikhiilova ’15 owns an iPhone 5S and has been using the free app, My Fitness Pal, since the summer of 2013.
“The purpose of the app is to help maintain the amount of calories you intake to help keep your diet steady,” she explained. “It actually helped me lose a few pounds and made me realize that I was eating a lot of unhealthy food.” Milana recommends the app for everyone.
“It’s not just for people who are overweight,” she said. “It can help anyone keep track of what they’re eating, so it’s very useful.”
“This app lets me stay on top of things that I need to take care of, do, and buy,” said Julia. “I would definitely recommend this app to people since it’s really user friendly and prevents you from forgetting things; I love it!”
There are even apps for simple things, like tuning a guitar. Richard Wu ’15 uses the free app, Guitartuna, on his iPhone 4S. The app is simple and easy to use, has mini games to help guitarists learn chords, and is ridiculously accurate – it works very well, even in noisy conditions, with the built-in microphone.
“I would recommend this app to anyone who plays the guitar,” said Richard. “Since it’s free, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment to tune your guitar; it’s very useful.”

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