KJC Club Teaches Various Languages

By Joanne Lee ’15
New members eagerly shuffled their way into the clubroom, grabbing a seat and getting ready to learn Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. The members meet on every Thursday in room 404 after school.
The KJC Club is a newly created club meant to teach those who are interested in learning these languages. The officers who run this club are Jennifer Phu ‘17, Nancy Yang’17, Samuel Pun ‘17, and Jimmy Li ’17 with their advisor, English teacher, Ms. Hoque. Members are separated into three groups for each language and the officers teach the languages themselves. Jennifer teaches Korean, Nancy teaches Japanese, and both Samuel and Jimmy teach Chinese.
“This school only has Spanish and French,” said Phu ’17. “Other schools have more options to choose from. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to create KJC for people interested in learning the basics of another language.”
Already by the second meeting, the club has over 30 members. There weren’t enough seats and copies of the lesson because there were more members than the officers expected.
Phu ’17 said, “At first I didn’t think that a lot of people would come because most people wouldn’t want to stay afterschool to learn something but a lot of people showed up.”
Many of them shared the same interest in these languages generated from Korean, Japanese, and Chinese songs that inspired Phu to learn the languages herself and to form the club. Some members came because of their interest in Korean dramas, anime and the Korean and Japanese culture. Others came to improve on their Chinese or learn the languages for fun.
“I’ve always been interested in Japan when I was young,” said Grace Win ’15. “Now that I’m given the opportunity I want to take it.”
Shruti Singh ’15 said, “I wanted to learn Japanese so that maybe one day I can go to Japan and I won’t get horribly confused by the signs.”
Christina Smans ’16 said, “I’m an anime freak, and I love Kpop so I want to learn the language. I like the club but it’s really overcrowded and loud.”
To fix the over-crowdedness and make the lessons run more efficiently, the officers are planning to teach the members in room 404 as well as in the peer tutoring room. If the club is successful, the officers plan to create a “KJC 2” to teach harder phrases next semester.
“It’s more of a success than I thought it would be,” said Singh. “We actually did learn a lot.”

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