Girls Track Sprints to Victory

By Areeg Naeem’15
In the interest of full disclosure, Areeg Naeem’15 is on the track team.
Amid joyous cheers and shouts, the girls’ track team placed third at the Brooklyn Borough Championships and did just as well in the Freshman/Sophomore Championships, placing eighth in the freshman division and second in the sophomore division on February 22 and March 2.
“We did very well,” said the coach, Mr. Walter Cohen. “They [girls] had to come through and compete against the older girls from other schools.”
Teams from all around Brooklyn were present at the Armory Track in Manhattan, ready to beat the tough competition. The atmosphere was charged with energy, and the anticipation to do well was unmistakable.
As indoor season came to a close, the team put all their hard work and effort into these last two meets. There was fierce competition from all teams, proving that it would require unwavering confidence and skills to come out on top.
“I think I did really well at Brooklyn Champs,” said Kayla John’15. “I never thought that I would’ve gotten a medal, but I knew I did well because I felt it in my gut.”
There were a variety of events ranging from short, speedy races such as the 4×200 relay, all the way to long distance runs such as the 3000meter run. Lady Hornets were able to better themselves, and it was shown in their performance.
“I ran my personal best in the 400m and 200m run,” said Bianca Aquino’16. “I ran 4 seconds faster in my 400m run. I actually surprised myself.”
The girls’ track team prepared for these last few meets with intense fervor and an insatiable thirst to win. Practices incorporated both distance and speed work to better the girls’ running forms as well as their endurance. All the work paid off at the meet.
“At first I was nervous, because it was my first day back on the track,” said Daminska Estime’14. “The atmosphere was really intense, but to have the support of my teammates was unbelievable.”
The Brooklyn Borough Championships was a difficult meet, but the girls’ track team was able to defeat their opponents. The stands were filled with cheering families and fellow team members as the girls continued to perform at their best. Aquino’16 said team spirit is a huge part of the team and that they treat one another as family.
A member of the team, Jadah Tappin’16 qualified for the prestigious New York State Championships. In this difficult meet, only the best runners from each borough were chosen to compete.
“Competing with some of the best long and triple jumpers in the state was something I was proud of,” said Tappin’16. “My performance was satisfying for me but in the end, I could have done much better. I can at least say I made it to States which is one of the biggest goals an athlete can achieve.”
Nonetheless, the team prides itself on doing well as Brooklyn is one of the most competitive boroughs in all of New York State. Although the team did exceptionally well, some members still expressed remorse.
“I was really nervous and felt pressured to do well since this was such an important meet,” said Daniella LaBarbera’17. “I think I did pretty good, but I wished I would have pushed myself more.”
“I lacked self confidence as soon as I stepped on that starting line,” said Aquino’16. “That’s something I need to work on.”
As the outdoor season begins, the girls’ track teams vowed to work even harder and are determined to make this season just as remarkable.

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