Girls Tennis Excited for New Season

Rana Salem ‘15 & Vlada Nakhbo ‘15
Tryouts for the girl’s tennis team may be over, but the excitement of a new season has only begun. Eight returning players are ready to compete, mentor the new players and create a united team.
“We have a lot of new girls, but I think this is going to be a strong season,” said Robyn Nagourney ‘14, the captain of the tennis team.
Experience was one of the conditions that was required to join the team. The makeup of the team ranges from girls who have been playing since they were young children to those who have just began playing last year.
At the tryouts, the girls were asked to play matches against the returning players, so that they could be evaluated. During practices the girls work on perfecting their form technique. As of right now, the team has been focusing on determining their positions and figuring out starting lineup. After the lineup is determined the team will begin to prepare to get in shape for the upcoming season.
A typical practice day for the players includes running laps, going through the basic tennis drills, practicing serving the ball, and rallying the tennis ball with a partner. The girls are put through many tests, like playing single and double matches, to prepare them for the forthcoming games later in the season.
“I’m really excited to start the upcoming season and meet different people from other schools,” said Katherine Tsvetkov ’16, a new player on the team. “I think it’ll be a lot of fun to play against others and watch my teammates play. Playing with new people is a great way to develop skill and improve my tennis abilities.”
The first game was on March 19, and the girls’ faced Leon M Goldstein High School in Manhattan Beach. The Hornets lost 5-0 because many of the starters were ineligible to play due to a new PSAL rule regarding a 90 percent attendance rate.
“In order to maintain eligibility within a marking period a student-athlete must maintain a minimum of 90% school attendance in the marking period used for eligibility evaluation. The 90% attendance requirement is not cumulative, according to PSAL Eligitibility Rules and Regulations.
This rule affected many of the returning and new players and prevented them for competing in any tennis matches during this term. Four of the girls on the team were unable to compete in the match against Goldstein.
“The policy would be more fair if they looked at the attendance rate from the entire year,” said Marina Korovyanskaya ’15. “I had a 94 percent attendance rate however they only looked at the attendance from last marking period. Had I been absent for the same amount of time in September rather than January I would have been allowed to play.”
The marking period is over now, and the girls who were previously ineligible to play due to too many absences will be able to play at the next game.
“ I am so excited to finally get to play this year,” said Nicole Kovmir ’16. “I was ineligible due to the 90 percent attendance rule but the marking period is over and I am ready to play.”

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